Tuesday 19/07/2011, 04:09

Time Conquers All

We are TCA and we are looking for you! We are experts in ELO, DM, DT, and Survivor and if you want some advice we are happy to help you!
If you’re looking to increase your collection size or just make some clintz we are the guild for you! Many of us are veterans of Urban Rivals and we love to meet new players who are like us. We have lovely events with great prizes so if a friendly guild war or lotto event is your cup of tea, come by for a simple visit or a long stay. We Don’t ask anything of you so what do you have to loose?
Time hasn’t conquered us yet so come check us out! smiley

Time Conquers All

Sunday 18/12/2011, 19:57

Hmm, tells you somethin' huh Milteon? Wanna be a success like this? I think you know the answer to that question smiley

Sunday 18/12/2011, 20:02

What would be a good elo class for Rescue

Monday 19/12/2011, 12:37

Join TCA guys!! smiley

Monday 19/12/2011, 13:14

TCA can be seen as "Another Guild" but once you enter the gates of TCA you wont go back
TCA is a Top notch Guild
Great People
Great events
Great Boards
You want Advice you got it

Join TCA NOW!!

Monday 19/12/2011, 18:31

We also have really good cake

Monday 19/12/2011, 18:47

TCA is a great guild! Lots of cool and interesting people. Plenty of advice and awesome conversations.
Overall, JOIN!

Monday 19/12/2011, 19:53

To all those reading this thread and contemplating joining, here are a few cold hard FACTS that might sway you decision...

TCA members can:
- dodge bullets
- bend iron bars WITH THEIR MINDS
- fight lions and tigers and bears and sharks all at the same time bare handed (and win)
- divide by zero
-believe it's not butter

You may be thinking these are just ridiculous made up statements. WRONG. This has all been proved by science. Science that I won't explain to you because you won't understand it. Until you join TCA that is. And then you won't need to understand it, because you're awesome.

The End

Monday 19/12/2011, 23:03

I've been in a couple of other guilds and I must say this is the friendliest bunch of players around! There's a lot of strategy wisdom to be learned from them. Come and join us!!!

Monday 19/12/2011, 23:34


Santa Penguin at your service.

Join TCA and then join my exclusive event where you can get Pegh as a gift.

LALALALALA LALALALAsmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

Monday 19/12/2011, 23:49

I may not be able to promise the above amazing powers but I can promise this:
TCA members can:
Find helpful advice from experienced players.
Good activity in the guild which gives TCA good guild bonuses.
Active board with a mix of strategy and games.
Great events - Battle and luck events. The hosts are experienced and has great event ideas.
The staff and the members do really care about the TCA guild and its members. A family atmosphere
A mature group that welcomes the fun things in life.


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