offline Fraggle Titan HK's fox on typewriters
Wednesday 07/11/2007, 19:10

Hello everyone,

First, let us say we are truly sorry about the long downtime this morning that affected Urban Rivals's website.
And then sorry again for the game rooms "block" around 13h (paris time) for almost 1h30.

We have been doing a huge operation this morning regarding how the market is stored in our system.
Now, the market page and market operations are much (much) faster and it should not become a problem again until we have more than a million sales "currents" (now we are around 25k).

We plan to revamp the market pages to make navigation faster and easier in the future.

Our servers lag has been greatly reduced by this change & many "under the hood" recents optimizations, so now, we should not suffer of very high amount of online players (up to 7k based on our calculations).

Wa have also ordered many new servers to keep everything ultra-fast as we receive more and more players (we recently reached 1 million and we are at a rate of 5k new players per day).

Finally, we are working on many new features to make the game as perfect as possible.
We are working on everything that can make it better: social features, gameplay features, ui improvements...

Thanks playing our game.

The Staff

offline Diplo_ Colossus  
Saturday 10/11/2007, 09:51

I really like the turn clock!

offline Killingshadow Hero  
Saturday 10/11/2007, 11:15

Yeah and u guys added shine to hp and pilzz where it shows


offline 0 Prophet-Cr Colossus  
Wednesday 14/11/2007, 05:10

Hi i noticed the profile pages arnt calculating proper;y i have full collection ect 2 reg card and it says i dont have full says i am missing 4 cr which i am not...figured id share this dont know if anyone sles has noticed...

270 of 268 availables characters (100%) ???? i have 268 of 270 avail lol

and 34 of 38 collectors (89%) = i have 38 of 38


offline Gus Lee Imperator  
Wednesday 14/11/2007, 16:30

The game have 268 aviabels charakters geune splatta seldnor kerozin turn in cr

offline Joker WMD Titan  
Wednesday 14/11/2007, 19:21

I also get this error while i a battle. "script in the movie is causing Flash Player to run slow"

It is good to know that i'm also not the only one getting this while playing. I thought my computer was messed up, but i see that it's not only me. I'll try and remember to take a screen shot next time i get it.

offline Gus Lee Imperator  
Wednesday 14/11/2007, 23:37

I try to make a screenshoot but when the message came the game freeze so i press yes leave the game and go back in the game

offline LoA Rockem Legend Legends of America
Thursday 15/11/2007, 12:42

Am I the only one who has seen that Anita +1 life per damage ability does NOT work?

offline MarshallzEvo Veteran  
Thursday 15/11/2007, 12:58

I think there is a it just my internet connection or my flash player but whenever the flash player is suddenly pauses!

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