offline Force Majeure Imperator Open Casket
Friday 09/11/2007, 10:25

New rescue cards have I think we'll all be seeing some pure Rescue decks now..

offline Gryazzie Titan  
Friday 09/11/2007, 10:35

Alot of em

offline DarkAssault Imperator TRiNiTY
Friday 09/11/2007, 14:13

Omgg look at HAX lol

offline Anger_HM Hero Hueco Mundo
Friday 09/11/2007, 23:39

Hax 10 power with ability on!omg wth a good of the best card in the game

offline Force Majeure Imperator Open Casket
Saturday 10/11/2007, 04:07

Well..everyone of them has an ability..every Rescue card..

offline Mistah Prince Imperator Time Conquers All
Saturday 10/03/2012, 23:41

Hax certainly is a beast hmm?

offline HonorGuard Titan  
Tuesday 13/03/2012, 02:53

Necro much?

and lol @ those 07 nubs

offline xc is bad lul Guru E X C A L I B U R
Tuesday 13/03/2012, 05:46

Gomla why the necro -.-

offline -Bakuryu Senior  
Tuesday 13/03/2012, 06:59

Haha why did this get brought back up

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