offline Memento Mori Titan Open Casket
Friday 09/11/2007, 18:06

There are new backgrounds during battles, to be exact one for each existing clan. Well, I'm not really sure about this. Do the leaders have their own?

While playing I realized this one ( which should be the leaders place. Do you think it is? or could be another (future) new clan? In my opinion it doesn't fit very well with leaders, as they don't fight well together should they have a "base"? And is too soon to include a new clan, but many things could make this background to be included.

What do you think?

offline ste2200 Novice Potatoes for all
Saturday 10/11/2007, 12:39

Let me play

offline Jashep Imperator The 300
Saturday 10/11/2007, 14:42

In the middle of that background, that Borgias(or what ever it's called) Palace?

offline Jashep Imperator The 300
Saturday 10/11/2007, 14:45

Oh and you can tell it's the Leader's place!!

Look at the columns attached to the building, at the top is their military insignia thingy!
I feel special!

offline Memento Mori Titan Open Casket
Saturday 10/11/2007, 14:59

Jashep, good detail the columns one!

offline FRAK -HC- Titan  
Monday 12/11/2007, 03:54

I was actrully hopin for sum different pics for profile Square...

you know the face you pick above word play

offline i amPOWERFUL Senior  
Tuesday 20/11/2007, 08:36

Hey,i saw the freaks in the left,sakrohm in the right,and maybe Pussycats in the end.

offline -Annihilator- Senior  
Friday 23/11/2007, 11:51

In my observation, the clan with the most cards (for ex. your opponent has 4 sentinel cards and you also have 4 sentinel cards in hand) the background will show the police station or the sentinels back ground.smileysmiley

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