offline Orpheus Titan §§ Les Gentlemen Ténébreux §§
Friday 05/08/2011, 11:33

After the success of her last show, Bella has put together a new extravaganza that promises to be a massive hit with her fans! To finance it, the Don has had to raise certain "taxes" and call upon some very generous and totally voluntary donations. But it’s all been worth it! Come and see for yourselves…Bella Ld is a legendary character who is only available by carrying out missions connected with her To obtain this character, you must unlock her last mission before September 4.

offline Thoazol Moderator Wise Men Distracted
Monday 08/08/2011, 18:13

"It would be even nicer, to have one new one per month -- and a chance for an older one at the same time."
Eventually they'll have to move to biweekly releases full-time, and then 2 old +1 new per month and so on.
Maybe have a possibility to gain both of the clan's Ld's at the same time? (Once we get the point of some clans having two.)

"So folks that got her last time can't do the missions?"
We can do the missions. We just get 10 credits instead of a multiple of a card we can't sell or trade.

offline microdot Titan  
Monday 08/08/2011, 18:14

Edit: Bella not Bonnie.
I have battled about 5 times in T1 with a mono montana using quick challenge and not gotten any credit towards the first mission. The newer "mission tracker" thing on the left hand side of the screen isn't showing up either.

offline hatorader Guru  
Monday 08/08/2011, 19:41

Bella missions are locked for me???? how do i unlock so i can start the missions and earn her?

offline NVash Veteran  
Tuesday 09/08/2011, 00:30

Mods, I have a question. Can I look forward to a new LD contest every month like this or will these be ending very shortly?

offline gjiiooo Senior  
Tuesday 09/08/2011, 13:38


offline aatish6 Senior  
Tuesday 09/08/2011, 14:24


offline dylandare Senior  
Tuesday 09/08/2011, 16:41

Am i the only 1 wanting a Sentinel Ld?

offline maki_mUR Senior Dragons Cro Clan
Tuesday 09/08/2011, 17:19

FPC for me smiley

offline KiDSlO Imperator  
Tuesday 09/08/2011, 19:01

My mission wont unlock and i battled wit h a montana only deck so whats the problem?smiley

offline -Mell- Imperator  
Wednesday 10/08/2011, 00:15

Deleted my messages..

I still think it is a rubbish idea

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