offline Six Nations Titan Open Casket
Thursday 11/08/2011, 13:31

Create your own card! Any ideas, just post em!

Originally created by 6SimS-Sven followed by Mr Intelijent then by Edon EG and then by SadisticCynic

To start us off:
7/4 -3 opp damage min 1
bio-The third member of the Circle of Assasins, Kimi is a master of acupuncture and can throw a needle faster than you can blink, a quick shot to the jugular and you're dead.

offline ghelas Titan E X C A L I B U R
Tuesday 25/12/2012, 20:50


Support with a Max means you can run the card in a half-deck, where it becomes a little bit less reliable, but still very useable. A support card with Max 3 could become considerably stronger in a half-deck if it's on the big end of a split draw. It should be weak but ideally still useable if it's drawn without clanmates. Support with a Max 2 is just a touch weaker than +2 of whatever the ability grants. These types of abilities would become especially interesting in 5/3 or 6/2 decks, where you can give the Support card a boost at the cost of drawing one of your bonuses a bit less.

Converting to a straight stat would only work for Mono setups.

offline Emptyzone Master - RaW Talent -
Tuesday 25/12/2012, 22:57

Clan : Gheist

name : Tyrone 5*

Ability : -4 opp power min 4

Power : 6
Damage : 8

Bio : As a little boy Tyrone always dreamed of being a sentinel, until a incident caused him to have a split personality. Because of this, his other personality caused Tyrone to get in trouble with the law a lot. After being denied a job with the sentinel's, his other personality took over and destroyed a part of the sentinel HQ. Done running from the sentinel's he came across Vryer and Toro, Tyrone asked if he can join GHEIST. Now a full fledged member he can finally take revenge on the sentinel that denied him.

offline Emptyzone Master - RaW Talent -
Tuesday 25/12/2012, 23:01

Name: Tyrone

Ability: -4 opp power min 3

Power: 7
Damage: 8

offline TheDoomBug Colossus Limit Break
Wednesday 26/12/2012, 00:09

Tyrone #1- A Rolph variant.
Tyrone #2- A more powerful Spyke in GHEIST. Too powerful.

I still don't see the appeal, Ghelas.
In Mono, our cards are nearly identical. Mine needs Revenge, making it weaker.
In a half, our cards only differ in one hand. 3 non-berzerk with Shy. In that situation, mine is stronger even with Revenge.
If I had to pick between these two cards, I'd pick the revenge card.

A card that limits itself would not go over very well with players. Especially in a clan that already has numerous weaknesses.

offline ghelas Titan E X C A L I B U R
Wednesday 26/12/2012, 01:38

5* GHEIST Spyke? Rrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaally?

offline mahawirasd Imperator Immortality
Wednesday 26/12/2012, 10:33

@tdb and ghelas
although having a support that is still OK in half decks might have its appeal, imho it might cause more trouble than it's worth (scripting wise)
revenge: support: (maybe?) might make it a beast in mono on revenge while still allowing it to have slightly more "competitive" base stats compared to most other support: cards.

and yeah, the first iteration of tyrone is quite OK imho, since it has 6 power and only min 4 meaning most atk manip clans would probably still fare OK against it until the 4th pill.
the 2nd one is definitely too OP.

A popular artist who supports various causes to better humanity, Rocha decided to take a break from his highly successful band to join the Roots. He hopes this will allow him to focus on sheering the corrupted city towards a more sustainable state of existence. He plans to bring voice to the voiceless by supporting a guerrilla radio. Rocha is known to have close affiliations to General Cr, but he makes it clear that although he and the general might have similar goals, he will never join the La Junta just to be with the general.

support: +5 atk

offline HoA_Creedmor Guru Harbingers of Ares
Wednesday 26/12/2012, 18:33

La Junta
Ability Unlocked: 4 Opp Damage, Min 2
The La Junta version of Dominic Toretto from Fast Five

offline HoA_Creedmor Guru Harbingers of Ares
Wednesday 26/12/2012, 18:41

( Apparently the other ones didnt post with my first one )

La Junta
7/5 Ability Unlocked: Revenge: Power+3

La Junta
7/1 : Ability Unlocked: Confidence: +1 Pill Per Damage

La Junta
8/5 : Ability Unlocked: Defeat: +3 Pillz

offline TheDoomBug Colossus Limit Break
Thursday 27/12/2012, 01:38

I can support that idea, mah.

3* La Junta
Support: Confidence: +1 Power
A three star Thormund with three more damage and conf strapped to it's ability.

2* Piranas
Courage: Defeat: -2 Opp Pillz, Min 4
Hello, I am a slightly weaker Bonnie Ld.

5* Frozn
Support: Confidence: -1 Opp Power and Damage, Min 1
Here me out on this one. With Revenge, she's just 9/7 no ability. WIth Confidence, she's a Mono-exclusive Spyke with a lower min and a powerful DR (for giving you Revenge next round). That ability is double-restricted and if she wins, she deals a mere 5 damage. She also has to compete against Kalindra, who is much easier to use and creates an insane gap.

5* Sakrohm
Courage: Confidence: -6 Opp Damage, Min 1

offline mahawirasd Imperator Immortality
Thursday 27/12/2012, 14:14

Courage confidence? imho just either of them should be ok for newtom

i do find that combining prerequisites such as support with courage/revenge/confidence might just make for more interesting combos. Perhaps a clan with "confidence: support: +1 power and damage" as their bonus?

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