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Thursday 11/08/2011, 13:31

Create your own card! Any ideas, just post em!

Originally created by 6SimS-Sven followed by Mr Intelijent then by Edon EG and then by SadisticCynic

To start us off:
7/4 -3 opp damage min 1
bio-The third member of the Circle of Assasins, Kimi is a master of acupuncture and can throw a needle faster than you can blink, a quick shot to the jugular and you're dead.

offline yaoihuntresse Colossus Wise Men Distracted
Thursday 16/05/2013, 05:00

TheDoomBug: How about having his damage 5 then?

offline TheDoomBug Colossus Limit Break
Thursday 16/05/2013, 06:04

Sounds a step up, huntresse. I don't know about you, but I feel like the Berzerk 5*s are on average too weak, especially when compared to their amazing 4*s. 8/6 may be overpowered for the DR, but it would certainly turn some heads before it got banned with the fury of one thousand moons.

Inspired by a discussion with RitzMalheur:

3* Bangers
+1 Attack per Power
With bonus and full power, +8 attack.

Raxxor (Rayzor)
4* La Junta
+2 Attack per Damage
With bonus and no DR, this guy gets +12 attack. Fury adds 6 attack, so those pillz go farther.

3* Sakrohm
+1 Attack per Opp Power

5* Jungo
+1 Life per Opp Power
Life gaps like nobody's business.

3* Fang Pi Clang
+1 Damage per Opp Stars
2* 5 Damage
5* 8 Damage

Joey Jojo
3* Uppers
-1 Opp Attack per Power, Min 13
He's no Zatman, but he's a step up from Frankie Hi, but there's also Jose Star for one less star.

4* Skeelz
+1 Power and Damage per Opp Star
2* 6/6
5* 9/9 Say goodnight.

offline WMDuessel Guru Wise Men Distracted
Thursday 16/05/2013, 07:41

Cool ideas. My thoughts:

Strong, Bangers need a good 3*.

A bit weak, I would use Gatline instead. Not to mention there are too many good 4* in La Junta.

Slightly weak, especially with 3 damage. You can use Nimestiec for a star less.

Could be OP with potential +10 life. This card is similar to Kalindra, and hamstrings already weak clans like Ulu and Bangers.

Slightly weak. Zhu Tang gaps the same with no tough condition, and is better against SoA as well as having 12 damage potential.

Joey Jojo:
The min is a bit too high, I don't see what a min. 13 is for. Without his bonus he would need 3 pills to even trigger the ability. Otherwise, fine.

A bit weak since he relies too much on his ability, and can easily be manipulated.

offline TheDoomBug Colossus Limit Break
Thursday 16/05/2013, 08:10

Raxxor Error: Fury would only add 4 attack, I confused pillz with damage.

I will admit, I didn't fully think the cards through. It was just a spur of the moment series of ideas. Most of them are just for showing possible combinations.

Joey Jojo's min is intentionally high because I seem to keep forgetting how powerful their bonus is when I try to think of cards for them and I wanted to make sure I kept it in sight. I actually like cards like Miss Stella from a design view because of this, but lower unconnected mins are more reliable in play.

offline Wakayama3 Titan The United Fans of Homestuck
Thursday 16/05/2013, 09:20

Vortex 4*


Ability: Defeat: - 4 opp pillz min. 7
Bonus: Defeat: Recover 2 pillz out of 3

offline Atompocalypse Senior aussie crusaders
Thursday 16/05/2013, 16:01

Does it matter if some of the cards are weak? If some are weak, some can be strong.

I will post some card ideas that I wrote last year on the Skeelz page here. Later.

offline WMDuessel Guru Wise Men Distracted
Thursday 16/05/2013, 16:05

If some cards are weak, then they are useless. Honestly I don't see the point in creating cards that are outclassed by others, no one wants anything that is subpar.

I'm sorry, friend, but that's just how life works.

offline Atompocalypse Senior aussie crusaders
Thursday 16/05/2013, 16:24

I will accept if you are right, but they are at least playable, each card has their own strengths and weaknesses. Caelus Cr is crippled by SOA, Boohma is also taken down by SOA, Trish is steam rolled by atk manip. But as I said, you may be right. And if you are, I will accept that, but this is only my opinion.

Anyway, some of my ideas, all Skeelz, bio, art everything!

Name: Edward
Class: Staff
Power: Shape-shifting into beasts( Very different from Logan, he can't turn into an eagle and fly like Logan can, he just looks like the animal or creature)
Bio: Edward, the Academy's detention giver, is quite the bully, well, when giving out 2 day detentions anyway and even 10 minute ones too. And thanks to his ability of shape-shifting he can always keep an eye on the students as well as scare them into detention, but at least his powers don't last too long or the teachers and staff would be in detention too!

Stats and Art:
Level 1: 3/3 Ability unlocked at level 2 Art: Bald man with glasses and black and white suit, looking very stern, he
has dark blue eyes

Level 2: 6/5 Ability: (a new form of backlash, gives stuff to opp.) Give: 2 pillz and 2 life Art: Big head of hair, suit is getting torn, teeth are getting sharper and bigger ears and nose growing hair (outside and inside), finger nails longer, head getting longer, still has glasses

offline Atompocalypse Senior aussie crusaders
Thursday 16/05/2013, 16:26


Level 3: 8/5 Ability: Give: 2 pillz and 2 life Art: Teeth are huge, sharp and yellow full body covered in hair head is long like a dog or wolf, only bits of his suit is left and he has his glasses in his huge paws with long sharp claws, glasses are smashed

Name: Paige
Class: Staff
Power: Shadow-controlling
Bio; Paige, the school janitor, has always done her work cleaning the halls of the academy, which can get pretty messy after combat class full of blood and mud, but after school in the night while Paige is still working and someone fancied a mid-night snack, and one single crumb hits the floor, Paige might take control of her shadow and kick your shadow in the chin, and whatever happens to your shadow, happens to you.

Stats and Art:
Level 1: 4/1 Ability unlocked at level 3. Art: A chubby Lady with white hair with streaks of electric blue in it is cleaning the floor with a broom, she has grey slinted eyes, her shadow on a wall however has her hand on her hips

Level 2: 6/1 Ability unlocked at level 3. Art: Same Lady with a mop and bucket of water, her eyes her closed, her shadow is reaching for a broom instead of a mop

Level 3: 8/1 Ability: + 20 attack Art: She's happily dusting a wall with a spider-web on it, but her shadow is beating a cowering Liam's shadow (who was obviously perving on that poor, fat old Lady :razz with a brooms handle on the head. (Note: The reason for high power and attack manip but low damage is to stop a nuke like DJ Korr Cr)

offline Atompocalypse Senior aussie crusaders
Thursday 16/05/2013, 16:27

( cont )

Name: Jordan
Class: Staff
Power: Imagination Manifestation
Bio: Jordan is the everyday school bus driver, taking all the kids to and fro, except she can take anyone anywhere with the power to create anything from her mind, on regular excursions to Rome, Egypt, the Arctic and sometimes the Moon, it's no trouble if you've got an imaginative mind!

Stats and Art:
Level 3: 4/2 Ability unlocked at level 5 Art: A woman of about 25 is using mind rays to make a small bus in her hand, you can see outlines of the bus getting bigger, Jordan has brown hair and eyes, and silver braces, she is wearing what seems to be a One Direction shirt and denim jeans.

Level 4: 6/2 Ability unlocked at level 5 Art: Same person and clothes but she is making a plane that's currently as big as her body, but again you can see outline of it getting bigger.

Level 5: 8/3 Ability Prayer: ( next team card receives the advantage) Defeat/Win: + 1 power per damage Art: Now has a rocket about half a meter bigger than her and you can see the outlines of it getting bigger, she is facing away.

Still got more, about 5 or 6 more...

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