offline Six Nations Titan Open Casket
Thursday 11/08/2011, 13:31

Create your own card! Any ideas, just post em!

Originally created by 6SimS-Sven followed by Mr Intelijent then by Edon EG and then by SadisticCynic

To start us off:
7/4 -3 opp damage min 1
bio-The third member of the Circle of Assasins, Kimi is a master of acupuncture and can throw a needle faster than you can blink, a quick shot to the jugular and you're dead.

offline loliem Master Friends Of Fate
Tuesday 21/05/2013, 21:04

Because Caciope is absolutely useless and needs replaikment.

available Thoazol Moderator Wise Men Distracted
Tuesday 21/05/2013, 22:55

Isn't that why we have Nata, Ngrath, Dobbs Ld, Anakrom, Corrina, Thomson and Murray?

offline TheDoomBug Colossus Limit Break
Tuesday 21/05/2013, 23:15

He has a replacement. Murray, the alien hunter: 8/2 +3 Life.

All Scars
Way too much damage.
A bit too powerful, but falls within acceptable ranges of Support, I guess.
Rhody what are you doing here?
Feng Pi (wind fart)
Even without an ability, 8 damage is scary on any card.
Silly joke. smiley
Stompah's weaker teammate?
Not too bad, actually.
Double condition to lessen the impact of 9/9? I can understand that.
Amusing, but useless.
Maybe 4 years ago.
Le Junte (is this right?)
Works for me.
Moontana (Cows or space?)
Mona that hits harder, but has a higher min?
Confidence doesn't work well for Poison.
Not gonna' happen.
Lois Ld are you feeling OK?
Rash Q
Upgraded Pam's ability with Sledg's stats. Not a good combination.
The last thing we need is GraksmxxT in Roots.
Wouldn't replace Jautya, but it looks decent.
Eh, 3* stats on a 2* with a small, but deadly backlash. Not much to say.
Hello, I will be in every deck as a splash.
Ulu what?
Too low of power and too high damage. Feels more like a Banger.
4* 5/6 Confidence: Power +3
Vortex (I like how you spelled this one right.)
More vulnerable Naele.

Now for my own.
2* Piranas
Defeat: -1 Opp Pillz, Min 0

offline TheDoomBug Colossus Limit Break
Tuesday 21/05/2013, 23:27

Oops, completely missed Coppers. It's Dorian for one star less and with conditional power. It's not worth it. Especially considering the quality 4* Uppers, like Kazayan.

Ny4n (Keyboard Cat)
3* Junkz
Copy: Opp Bonus
(It's a copycat.)

offline Wakayama3 Titan The United Fans of Homestuck
Wednesday 22/05/2013, 11:15

7/2 Sakhrom

Ability: +2 * life left, max 10
Bonus: -8 opp. atk. min. 3

offline WMDuessel Guru Wise Men Distracted
Wednesday 22/05/2013, 15:34

Nyan seems a bit overpowered. Yes, I know Saki exists, but Saki is a needed Robb replacement. Junkz already have two extremely solid 3* in Tremorh and Romana, I think giving them another option is overkill.

What exactly are you adding? Attack? And does the max represent the max attack, or the max life left?

offline Wakayama3 Titan The United Fans of Homestuck
Thursday 23/05/2013, 09:45

@WMDuessel XD, I did not know how to explain it but, you get double life of your life left. I will change max to 7 since it is a bit too OP.

7/2 Sakhrom

Ability: +2 * life left, max 7
Bonus: -8 opp. atk. min. 3

offline TheDoomBug Colossus Limit Break
Thursday 23/05/2013, 23:29

I think a more clear way to word that would be: +1 Life per Life Left.

5* Ulu Watu
Confidence: +1 Life per Life Left

3* Bangers
-1 Opp Damage, Min 1

4* Gheist
-2 Opp Power and Damage, Min 4

offline WMDuessel Guru Wise Men Distracted
Friday 24/05/2013, 04:38

McKoi is dangerously powerful, and synergizes well with Confidence. You can win a round with a big wall like Fanny or Nanook, and then have a card that gaps 17. DR doesn't even reduce it, unlike Kenny Cr, etc. Maybe making the condition Revenge?

V'Kano sounds like a Sakrohm or Vortex card, but anyway. Seems good, completely outclasses Loocio and Nanook, but the new 3* are powerful. Matches up with Shifou in usefulness, is Romana with 2 more power in place of +8 attack.

Quakes might be overpowered, I would certainly use him over Methane or Hriger, even if he didn't have a DR.

offline TheDoomBug Colossus Limit Break
Friday 24/05/2013, 05:24

I thought about making McKoi Revenge-based, but then you could just old a DR or Defeat: Life on the first turn. Not too found of "Old and win" cards. This fits with confidence and requires actual effort to use. Unlike Kenny Cr, McKoi is predictable and fury doesn't help him. On the flipside, he's 9 power. It's a T2 card, for sure. Keep this guy out of ELO.

Glad you like V'Kano. The idea was an islander rapper, which is why his stats are similar to Ulu Watu cards. He does completely outclass Loocio, but is only slightly better than Nanook. It's only a one-point DR, not a double reducer.

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