Monday 29/08/2011, 11:12

Hello all,

I have good news for you. Each week from September 5th to October 2nd 10 collection figurines - along with their authenticity certificate - and Travis Ld are to be won.

How to win a figurine?
Each week 10 winners will be randomly chosen among the top 150 of at least one Daily Tournament of the week.
You just have to play to have a chance to win.

Good luck all and have fun!

Tuesday 30/08/2011, 14:15

Any idle on how much Kolos will cost? I want one, but it depends on the price.

Wednesday 31/08/2011, 10:35

Crocobill - Admin
Friday 05/08, 18:20
Hello everybody,
Some more info about Kolos Action figurine :
you will be able to buy it through Amazon in september.
Normally, Amazon delivers in most of the countries in Europe + US / Canada and I think South America.
Based on where you are, I guess the delivery costs will be more or less important.
The price of the figurine is 39,90 EUR in Europe and 44,90 USD in America.
You will need to add the delivery costs to that.

The figurine : resine + painted
It is pretty big.

You ll have all the precise info when it is released.


I think some people found links with more info, eg a video showing an artwork of Travis Ld. And the Amazon page selling the figurine.

Wednesday 31/08/2011, 12:05

So if I place at the top 150 in the DT more than once do I get more shot at the raffle or would it be 1 entry per player per week?

Thursday 01/09/2011, 11:02

Maybe Travis can be an SOA or a DR, to survive being chomped on by Kolos...

Saturday 03/09/2011, 01:42

Travis Ld= Junkz???
Or Travis Ld=Roots Dr making Kolos completely void for 1HKO ???

Monday 05/09/2011, 14:19

Travis is a 6/4 -6 op. Damage min. 4

Monday 05/09/2011, 20:34

I would love one for the memories on this game smiley

@UM_AaaBattery - Colossus - URBAN MADNESS
"Each week 10 winners will be randomly chosen among the top 150 of at least one Daily Tournament of the week."
I think there will be 40 given away.

Tuesday 06/09/2011, 07:30

Yes i guessed correct Travis Ld = dr and Junkz smiley


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