offline Orpheus Titan §§ Les Gentlemen Ténébreux §§
Friday 09/09/2011, 11:20

In all the clans, you need to train hard to reach the top. It's taken Sekutor a long time to perfect his vortex energy weapons. Ralph hasn’t exactly studied kung-fu but has done a lot of cleaning to get there. Reef has had to overcome his fear of drowning and kit himself out in rubber rings to be able to surf. While Carter, with his special powers, is at the top of his game in fighting but needs to brush up on math. He’s got a test on Monday…
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offline 0 Pride Imperator URBAN MADNESS
Friday 09/09/2011, 11:30

Not so good release. But i like the arts smiley

Friday 09/09/2011, 11:37

Carter lv 4 is 7/6 with protection damage

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Friday 09/09/2011, 11:38

Sekutor: 6/8 -4 Opp. Damage,min. 3. (Not that good you want your 5* to be able to win and 6 power without an ability to help you is not that good)

Carter: 7/6 Protrection: Damage. His bonus means that even stop opp ability cards can't stop his damage. Not that bad a card (maby not the best skeelz 4* but close)

Reef: 7/2 Protection: Power. Again not a bad card but still not the best Ulu watu 2*.

Ralph: 7/4 -2 Power min 4. This is a good 3*. Might not be the best 3* but i will need to test it.

offline Xtyx_ Imperator Casual Grind
Friday 09/09/2011, 11:39

No female this release? I am not happy. smiley

offline Whitedragon11 Eternal Limit Break
Friday 09/09/2011, 12:06

This has been a decent release.
Sekutor will help the Vortex in T2.
Carter may see some ELO.
Reef is ok, maybe a low star half deck idea.
Ralph will probably be seen in ELO also

If you want to check out their final arts, and discuss the new cards, check out The Way of the Warrior

offline wats_happenin Colossus Casual Grind
Friday 09/09/2011, 12:59

Overall average release
Carter...they missed the chance to give Skeelz a wow 4* card cause they still lack one (apart from Greem in ELO)

Reef...avergish, doesnt replace Gabrielle/ Taigo which sucks cause they arent top notch either

Ralph....hello Radek!! Im not sure about this one, i dont see him replacing Zhu Tang, that possible 8 life gap is just too good and even Nakata kicks ass...but i guess if high damage isnt ur thing he bests out Zhu Tang

Sekutor.....ugh i really dunno boout this card... DR + defeat ability= really kicking ass for losing but do i want my 5* losing? Not really. SOB life manip will smash this guy- Nightmare cards are basically his ultimate counter. But T2 he will make a nice addition i guess

offline Tanto89 Titan X. LycurguS .X
Friday 09/09/2011, 13:39

Sekutor is just.. sucks, not my thing on losing a five stars except n T2

ralph, it's 7/3 -2 opp power min 4 (not 4 damage, if 4 damage I would say he is the best fang pi 3 stars)
best card in this release
really cool card, usually I'm in trouble choosing 3 stars for mono fang pi, rei and elya cr are just too unstable, courage is not really my thing so he is also out
so it leaves zhu tang, nakata, sayura and yu mei
I would say zhu tang and nakata are pretty solid
sayura is pretty nice with high damage but SOA really kills this card since she only has 6 power
yu mei unstable damage can be two edge sword, against high damage, she is good against low damage is ok

I would say ralph can be used as second or third choice after zhu tang
not in SOA week? ralph is the answer (in place of nakata)

reef.. I don't really like this card, taigo is much better than him and why do I need protection bonus for a card that I will not use for attacking?
also 2 damage is just too low for a 2 stars that has nothing but power (which also you need to pillz since he has no SOA, SOB, or attack manipulator)

carter: it's a nice card, 7/6 usually a standard for 5 stars, now they make it into 4 stars but with so-so ability
pretty solid card, but again, this card is not a powerful card, just solid
P.S: this card is just completely destroy beef value in my eyes
so, in another clan, there is a 7/6 4 stars WITHOUT backlash?
ok beef, you are out

offline Frosted Bark Imperator  
Friday 09/09/2011, 13:45

Well considering theres no quirkilicious art in this release is it safe to assume that he's making the art for the winner of the miss clint city 2011 and therefore either Stella, Isatis, Lola or Eloxia has won Booyeah

offline Goatmanji Hero URBAN MADNESS
Friday 09/09/2011, 14:05

Wow, everyone's hating on Sekutor, but seriously he's awesome for T2. Does nobody play T2 anymore?

Besides, look at Chloe. People use her a lot, and she's got LESS power. Does she suck?

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