offline Orpheus Titan §§ Les Gentlemen Ténébreux §§
Friday 09/09/2011, 11:20

In all the clans, you need to train hard to reach the top. It's taken Sekutor a long time to perfect his vortex energy weapons. Ralph hasn’t exactly studied kung-fu but has done a lot of cleaning to get there. Reef has had to overcome his fear of drowning and kit himself out in rubber rings to be able to surf. While Carter, with his special powers, is at the top of his game in fighting but needs to brush up on math. He’s got a test on Monday…
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offline Thoazol Moderator Wise Men Distracted
Friday 09/09/2011, 14:07

@Forsted Bark
We know it's Stella, Isatis or Tsubame. They announced the top three already.
Nobody said the same artist had to draw the original and the miss. (Lulabee/Miss Lulabee)
Quirk has other projects than just drawing UR cards. And incase you missed him, Travis Ld is by him.

Reef seems a but better than you value him for. Sure Tagi is still number 1 choice, but after that, Reef looks like the best option.
Carter kinda reminds me of Fixit aside for being killed by power manipulators. But 6 damage is very nice, and nicer when you can't reduce it. Well aside for allstop+Vholt.
Ralph is pretty nice for a clan without anything else than ability to help them win.
Sekutor is good for T2S/DM, and aside that not really worth it.

offline princekhlil12 Titan Past Present and Future
Friday 09/09/2011, 14:31

PLease UR.....
new Leader please.........

offline TN Jordan Colossus URBAN MADNESS
Friday 09/09/2011, 14:37

There needs to be new Roots!! smiley

offline Tanto89 Titan X. LycurguS .X
Friday 09/09/2011, 14:43

"why do I need 'protection bonus' for a card that I will not use for attacking? "

correction: protection power

offline AU-AuToBoTs Guru Aussie Uprising
Friday 09/09/2011, 14:59

I'm so getting Carter when it gets to 15,000 or 10,000

offline UM_Screx Imperator  
Friday 09/09/2011, 15:13

Im not entirely positive, but doesn't giving the vortex this card make them a litttle unstoppable?

offline _pACman_ Guru aussie crusaders
Friday 09/09/2011, 15:14

Holy shit a new batch of leaders would put an interesting spin on things with the new backlash, defeat and such abilities that are coming out

offline _pACman_ Guru aussie crusaders
Friday 09/09/2011, 15:14

Excuse my french

offline Bobblefighter Imperator  
Friday 09/09/2011, 15:20

@Goatmanji, Chloe has attack manipulation, and she isn't used that often.

@Tanto, You have to look at the bonuses as well. Beef can get up to 7/8. That's why he has the Backlash. Sure, Carter is just better on paper, but Beef isn't outclassed in every area by him.

offline Lynyrd_Bird Novice the courtyard of shadows
Friday 09/09/2011, 15:37

Why People Bash Sekutor,sure He isn't really a card for ELO ,but DOES everybody in ELO All the time?
Sekutor is 6/8 -4 Opp damage min 3. People, He is a very good addition to Vortex
Win and do 8 damage to your Opponent,Lose and reduce up to 4 damage and recover your Pillz ,what's bad about that?

Of course,choosing him in ELO isn't a good Idea,but this card rocks in T2
Besides,he is a Warrior Prince. Along with Oflgn
Having Oflgn and Sekutor in your hand = Crazy Vortex Warriors

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