Monday 03/10/2011, 11:20

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Monday 03/10/2011, 11:34

New characters: Street kings
The Bangers are back in Clint City's streets and no one feel safe anymore. Everyone's talking about Graff the uncontrollable vandal and Kevin the megalomaniac superstar. But Ulu Watu Clan don't give up and gets ready to counter attack with Hikiyousan the invincible...

Poll result
As voted, Tanaereva and Wee Lee have been removed from the elo mode.They might come back in the future!

New site
I guess you already noticed that the site changed. Tell us what you think of it...

Monday 03/10/2011, 11:34

Counter attack
The Junta Clan is back to enforce order and discipline. The new arrivals Tank the warrior and Myke the fighter pilot are rallying the troops again. The orders are simple: "Fight!" On the Pussycats side, the sexy stewardess Clara makes her entrance, and sheís very hostile towards men, meanwhile...

ELO Tournament
We have added credit prizes to the ELO tournament. All players in the top 25 will get 10 credits, players ranked from 26 to 100 will get 5 credits and all players above 1000 points will get 2 credits.

The Freaks are coming
Be prepared, friday, the Freaks will start their show, and they expect you to be there...

Monday 03/10/2011, 11:34

Training Room new rules (lost warehouse etc)
From now on: The the XP is calculated as if the lower level character has beat the higher level character, then the sum of the XP won is multiply by 2, and split between both players in equals shares. Level up bonuses are actives but there are no battles points for each round...

1. New (small) feature, customize your menu
You can now choose from various character for your personal menu in your preferences & options: Direct link:

2. New Clan: Let the show begin
They've arrived in Clint City and believe it or not, they aren't here to have fun... Please welcome the Freaks circus, featuring Boris the schizophrenic ringmaster, Graziella the sexy assistant and lover of Vassili the jealous knife thrower, and of course the siamese twin sisters...

Monday 03/10/2011, 11:35

New characters: Round 1
The Freaks clan is growing and can now rely on Splata, the blood thirsty giant and his mate Guener an insensitive brute. The Fang Pi Clang is also ready to fight with Kerozinn the animal woman and the mysterious but dreadful Seldnor. All these characters are available...

ELO Mode modification proposal
In order to add more fair play (and so.. interrestigness) to the ELO mode, we have read the message boards and an idea seems very interresting: limit the ability to challenge another ELO player based on both ELO values. We don't want to penalize refusals in general, because we think...

New characters: Hidden skills
Juggling, fire, no arms or legs and a long beard? It sounds like a terrible combination unless you're talking about the newest Freaks to hit Clint City. Discover Miss Ming the telekinetic woman without arms and legs, Nanastasia, the incredible bearded woman, Zoltan the impossible...

Monday 03/10/2011, 11:35

Modifications to ELO and the Lost Warehouse
From now on when you play in ELO mode you will only be allowed to challenge players whose score is within -50 and +150 points of your own. This is intended to prevent players from refusing to fight others of lower level and could be adjusted in the future if they are too restrictive. Also...

New Features - Deck, Friends messaging and Game popups
We're launching three new features today: New Deck UI...

Bridget - the results are in
After a very close vote Bridget's stats have been updated. At level 5 she has 6 power and 2 damage with +2 life per turn.

Monday 03/10/2011, 11:35

Bridget - new stats redux
We may have overdone it with Bridget's new stats. We underestimated the impact of her ability and shouldn't have included it in the options. Given the effect the changes have been making on ELO games we've decided to switch her to what was second place in the poll giving her Power 7...

New cards - Intergalactic
Junkz have two recruits with an intergalactic reputation: Tessa the schoolgirl with two lives and her silent but frightening mate Swidz. After an intense period, Freaks seem to be calming a little but nevertheless you should keep watching for Diyo the spectacular acrobat who came to join them. Cassio...

New Characters: Everyone is joining the circus
The Freaks aren't finished yet! Once again they've grown massively with the arrivals of Kharl the sad giant looking for revenge, Eve the best friend of the snakes, Crassus the violent clown and Titus the uncontrollable genetically modified tiger. Find all these cards in the New Blood...

Monday 03/10/2011, 11:35

Summer of Clint City
The holidays are coming. Wonder what you're going to do this summer? Look no further! Clint City is opening its doors and inviting you to the 'Summer of Clint City'. Two months of activities and surprises for a very, very hot summer!

Back to the Roots
After having done a round the world trip, Rass is back among the Ulu Watu Clan. They celebrated all night long and now are ready to wade in thanks to this unexpected reinforcement. Rass is available in the New Blood and Cool Attitude packs.

The Fantastic Six
Far from softening the war of the clans, the arrival of six new fighters is going to make everything more intense. While Mickey T, the richest and most influential financier in Clint City and Beetenka, the enemy of the poor join Uppers, All Stars get two heavy new recruits: Amelia...

Monday 03/10/2011, 11:36

Return to Order?
Clint City alert!!!! Faced with the rise of criminality in Clint City and the appearance of dangerous new species like
Leviationn the powerful recycled bodyguard of the GHEIST, Sentinels set the bar very high with incorruptible Miranda...

Return to order: Clint City alert!!!!
Faced with the rise of criminality in Clint City and the appearance of dangerous new species like Leviatonn the powerful recycled bodyguard of the GHEIST, Sentinels set the bar very high with incorruptible Miranda from the northern districts and Skiner the famous criminal hunter. While Z3r0 D34d...

New features: auto add to my deck (or not) when doing purchases:
You now have the ability to choose wether you want your purchases on the market and on the shop to be automatically added to your Deck or not. The 2 options are availables in your player's profile preferences.

Monday 03/10/2011, 11:36

Small change during daily tournaments
Starting with today's 12:00 (paris) tournament, the online player list will be randomized in all "tournaments rooms" and only during tournaments time. This would even the chances to get challenged for everyone and also reduce cheating.

New rooms UI, new rooms
We've added more rooms to spread the load on more servers.
We also added more play options accessible more early based on your comments (for example: a non-random room at level 10).

Rooms reorganizations
Based on your comments, a few modifications have been made to the rooms:
- Dark Corners East max level has been reduced so more players will be in the Dark Corners West...

Monday 03/10/2011, 11:36

Crime on the rise
Clint City ignites with the arrivals of Mona the incredible art thief and Murphy the new bouncer of Borgia's Palace who makes a remarkable rise within Montana. In their corner Roots are back in the fight thanks to Tshern the radioactive peasant and Miken Moose armed with his camera...

No cheat in tournaments - New feature
In order to improve the fair play-ness (if that's a word) in the daily tournaments, from now on: during daily tournaments and only in "ranked" rooms, the players list will completly hide the player details (nickname, country, guild, stars, rank, level) so it would be near impossible for cheaters...

Lost Warehouse and new Deck Format
In order to make the game a better place, we have created a new Deck format "Level Up": only 3 maxed characters are allowed in your Deck The Lost Warehouse level max limit has been removed and this new format enforced in that room. The Lost Warehouse PRO has been removed as it was...


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