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“Clint Fighting,” which we now know as Urban Rivals, has come a long way from how it first began. Many cards were released for innovation, diversity, and for the sake of balancing the game. While some cards’ stats were tweaked, others were ELO unbanned, banned, and unbanned again. Even the artwork of the infamous Kate was changed to what it is now at some point (Listed in this timeline!). New features were added and many were changed or improved to make Clint City as vast as it is fun. I compiled this historic chronology of the awesome game that is Urban Rivals. Enjoy my fellow fans, and be amazed at how far this great online manga trading card game has come!!!

This Timeline lists...
- UR's original characters (listed BEFORE the dated timeline)
- Card release dates (and the names of some) I.E. “Danger from the Heavens”
- When cards became “Collector” (CR)
- Various "firsts" introduced. (I.E. Gheistling intros: “Poison” )
- Introduction of new UR features, memorable events, comics & milestones
- Asterisked events in the Dated Timeline, which indicate that the full story is available in the News Archive

Are the event descriptions in this timeline too vague? You want more detailed info?

Then go deeper in time by checking out my "UR Int'l News Archive" which shows DETAILED past events from the news feed & the staff mb posts
[Link in post #2]

Dated Timeline Format:

offline MasterfuI Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Friday 07/10/2011, 10:32

02/09/09 ; *New Feature in Guild’s Private Rooms: No Random & Training Mode
- *New Feature: Ability to see future forms of cards stats not owned
08/09/09 ; *Staff permabans: Kolo, Marco, Zatman, Hawk, Ratanah
- *Secret ELO voting system by players left as is
11/09/09 ; *Terror From The Swamps; Ghumbo, Nyema, Nata, Loocio
23/09/09 ; *Comic: All Over for the Rodeo Ep. 1/2
Note: 3rd/4 Series of the Clint City Heroes Saga
25/09/09 ; *Under The Sign Of The Cobra; Kuei, Milovan, Walden, Cesare
- Kuei intros “Revenge: SOB”
30/09/09 ; *New Feature; Choose Battle Preference: Random, No Random, Any
02/10/09 ; *Stat Changes: (Raised Semi EVO Stats for certain “Starter Cards.” )
08/10/09 ; *Collector’s Prize Draw (Tombola) Launch
- *Kate can also convert common cards (only) into lottery tickets
09/10/09 ; *Make Way For The Artists; Bogdan, Tobbie, Beverly, Corvus
15/10/09 ; *Comic: All Over for the Rodeo Ep. 2/2
23/10/09 ; Things Are Hotting Up!; Dante, Gatline, Muze, Adler
05/11/09 ; *New Feature: Add picture/emblem to guild
06/11/09 ; *Beware Of Fakes!; Mini Mund, Stanly, Glenn, Pan
- Stanly intros “Confidence: +X Atk”
20/11/09 ; *Urban Predators; Chlora, Jautya, Sireen, Avola
04/12/09 ; *Bodily Changes; Selma, Chwing, Wesley, Ed 12
- Wesley intros “Confidence: -X Opp. Power, Min Y”
07/12/09 ; *Tweaking of BP accumulation in DTs
11/12/09 ; *Urban Rivals Now Available on Iphone & Itouch!!!
16/12/09 ; *Kate can convert cards (any rarity) into lotto tickets

offline MasterfuI Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Friday 07/10/2011, 10:32

18/12/09 ; *NEW CRS!!!; A Long Voyage; Smokey Cr, Amiral Py Cr (50 CRs So Far)
- *Imminent Danger; Wardom, Jeto, Davina, Harleen
- *New Feature: Missions (25 Kos with Copper, etc)
22/12/09 ; *Comic: Through the Caldron Ep. 1/4
Note: 4th/4 Series of the Clint City Heroes Saga
23/12/09 ; *Merry Christmas To One And All! Hawkins Noel (3 Noels so far)

offline MasterfuI Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Friday 07/10/2011, 10:32


01/01/10 ; *Charm Offensive; Ditha, Brittany, Ulrich, Buba
02/01/10 ; MasterfuI begins his life in Clint City
15/01/10 ; *Conflict Of Style; Oshitsune, Owen, Praxie, Dwan
- Praxie intros “-X Opp. Life MIN ZERO.”
29/01/10 ; *A Quiet Strength; Krash, Zack, Massiv, Tremorh
03/02/10 ; *New Feature: Instant Messenger
- *Guild admin able to auto-remove inactive members
11/02/10 ; *Fifth Star (DT Star) can also be earned from being in Survivor Top 5 or ELO 100
12/02/10 ; *A Time Of The Brave; Wayne Stark, Sol Hona, Hystrix, Ficcanaso
- Hystrix intros “Poison MIN ZERO”
16/02/10 ; *New Feature: Ability to close own threads on community board
22/02/10 ; *Comic: Through the Caldron Ep. 2/2
26/02/10 ; *Back To Basics; Ojibway, Taljion, Jessica, Thormund
12/03/10 ; *No Pity; Astrid, Haze, Piotr, Sayura
19/03/10 ; *More Missions Available (Added 92, 300+ Available)
26/03/10 ; *Brain and Brawn; Essie, Ronald, Mawpin, Orlando
09/04/10 ; *Visions From Beyond; Zhang, Sigma Benson, Jonas
- Benson intros “Confidence: +X Life”
23/04/10 ; *The Temperature’s Rising; Vito, Veronica, Angie, Wilhem
- Wilhem intros “Courage: +X Life”
- *New Feature: Guild Chat
27/04/10 ; *New Game Mode: Deathmatch
30/04/10 ; *New "more modern" backgrounds
06/05/10 ; *Removal of “DM Points” From DM
07/05/10 ; *Discretion and Efficiency; Nahomi, Wendy, Gertjan, Pesth
- *New Feature: Ability to change deck in battle room
- *Removal of ELO Practice Room

offline MasterfuI Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Friday 07/10/2011, 10:32

18/05/10 ; *Various DM optimizations & bug fixes
- *Reached 9 MILLION players on UR
21/05/10 ; *Black Magic; Vince, Baldovino, Stacey, Janice
- *New Feature: Create Your Own Deck Format
04/06/10 ; *All Claws; Yumi, Draheera, Sentogan, Aigwon
08/06/10 ; *Old packs (Action, Cool Attitude & Danger) replaced by Classic, Elite, Titanium packs
- *Ability to buy “Clintz Packs.” (2K, 4K, or 10K ctz packs)
12/06/10 ; Video teaser released. Click the vortex on the home page...
18/06/10 ; *NEW CLAN: Vortex; First Encounters; Neloe, Deea, Sunder, Heegrn
- New Battle Concept: Vortex intros: “Defeat.”
02/07/10 ; *Make Room For The Elite; Oflgn, C Blade, Cyb Lhia, Lehrg
16/07/10 ; *Setting The Record Straight; Dagg, C Wing, Katja, Cliff
- C Wing intros “Defeat: -X Life.” & Cliff intros “Revenge: SOA.”
27/07/10 ; *ELO Staff Bans Greatly increase
30/07/10 ; *Blood Ties; Kobalth, Onyx, Nahema, Harold
02/08/10 ; *New Feature: XP Reserve
04/08/10 ; *Miss Clint City 2010 Election Begins
13/08/10 ; *Sound Investments; Candice, Gianfranco, Raeth, Zinfrid
19/08/10 ; *New Feature: Price Graphs on Market Listings
27/08/10 ; *Lone Heroes; Ray, Eloxia, Embolt, Kevlaer
- Eloxia intros “Defeat: Poison”
30/08/10 ; *ELO ban voting reverting for now
01/09/10 ; *NEW CRS!!!; New Horizons; Tanaereva Cr, Kreen Cr (52 CRs So Far)
06/09/10 ; *New ELO Permabans: Smokey Cr, Caelus, Charlie, Wanda, Sylth, Striker, & 5 leaders)
09/09/10 ; *Deathmatch becomes official game mode
- New missions available for DMs

offline MasterfuI Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Friday 07/10/2011, 10:33

10/09/10 ; *The Emperor Attacks; Dregn, Galen, Magda, Jiro
17/09/10 ; *Miss Clint City 2010 is... Jessie!; Miss Jessie
21/09/10 ; *New Feature: Auctions (BETA)
23/09/10 ; *Finalization of new ELO temp ban system
24/09/10 ; *The Battle For All Clint City; Butch, Lovhak, Orlok, Eduardo
08/10/10 ; *A Surprise In Store; Spudd, Serena, Saho, Lothar
22/10/10 ; *Make Way For Brute Force; C Beast, Tino, Ector, Burdock
25/10/10 ; *Urban Rivals reaches ONE BILLION matches played!!!
05/11/10 ; *Danger From The Heavens; Tsubame, Kyle, Elke, Pieter
- Elke intros: Defeat: - X Opp. Pillz. Min Y
18/11/10 ; MasterfuI publicly unveils "History of UR (1st Draft)"
19/11/10 ; *Hungry For Power; Herman, Garrik, Arawaka, Isatis
20/11/10 ; *Enter The Legend; [1st 4 Legendary Cards Revealed!!!] Bella Ld, Kreenk Ld, Bonnie Ld, Dudley Ld
- 1st of 4 Legendary Cards Available to earn through special missions; Dudley Ld (1 LD so far)
22/11/10 ; *Events are no longer usable for ANY missions
- *Some LD Missions modified (I.E. Ghumbo Kos to “Easier Ghumbo Kos.” )
23/11/10 ; *Market Modification; Before Lowest price shown, Now avg. of last sales shown
- *Divinity Rank = ALL Cards minus LDs. New rank to come for COMPLETE Collection (LDs too)
24/11/10 ; *New Invitation System (Invite directly from yahoo, msn, and gmail contacts)

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Friday 07/10/2011, 10:33

01/12/10 ; *NEW CRS!!! Unexpected Departures; Jackie Cr, Noodile Cr (54 CRs So Far)
03/12/10 ; *Animal Instinct; Krung, Drorb, Pyro, Rodney
10/12/10 ; *Artistic Legend; Kreenk LD (2 LDs so far)
17/12/10 ; *New Predators; Drake, Belgosi, Selina, Puff
- Drake intros “Revenge: +X Life”
20/12/10 ; *Clan Page improved: added intro, missions, presets, & comments.
21/12/10 ; *French Comic reveals an Ld charcter with blue hair
22/12/10 ; *Merry Christmas to one and all!; Aigwon Noel (4 Noels so far)
31/12/10 ; *Strange Visitors; Aniki, Numar, Qubik, Wurmhol

offline MasterfuI Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Friday 07/10/2011, 10:33


04/01/11 ; *Flash game client changed to Actionscript3.
06/01/11 ; Contest to Win Scott LD; first time possible to win LD through DTs
07/01/11 ; *Lead Dancer; Bella LD (3 LDs so far) (Not counting Scott LD)
13/01/11 ; *New Collection Ranks: Colossus & Eternal
14/01/11 ; *Shock Reinforcements; Shaakarti, Izsobahd, Kamakura, Ash
- New Battle Concept: Ash intros “Heal”
- Izsobahd intros “Stop: -X Opp. Pillz”
20/01/11 ; *Game Rooms Get Revamped; Danger Zone Level Limit raised
28/01/11 ; Arms Race; Karen, Ahkab, Ngrath, Gudvibz
- Karen intros “Stop: -Opp. Life min 0”
- *New ELO Permabans: Copper, Bridget, Rolph, Lou, Shann, Emeth, Oshitsune.
- *Lifepoint max in ELO raised from 12 to 15
02/02/11 ; *Drinks All Around; Bonnie LD (4 LDs so far)
- Bonnie LD intros “Defeat + X Pills.”
- Note: Bonnie was revealed (but not released) before Ahkab’s release.
11/02/11 ; *Monsters And Marvels; Ivana, Maurice, Edwin, Kronnen
- Ivana intros “Stop: X Damage”
14/02/11 ; ELO Mode: the changes continue. LP reduced from 15 to 14
25/02/11 ; *Crossed Destinies; Otto, Karmov, Eggman, Zhu Tang
04/03/11 ; Twice More Profits!; ranking in top 10 = 2X ctz & credz
- *Talk Show; Gail Ld (5 LDs so far)
11/03/11 ; *Secret Identities; Laura, Lucas, Ulawele, Pastor
14/03/11 ; *NEW CRS!!! Well-Earned Retirement; Caelus Cr, Robb Cr (56 CRs so far)
- MasterfuI becomes founder of Time Conquers All.
21/03/11 ; *Yet More Missions: I.E. 500 Wins Clan missions & more Vortex missions

offline MasterfuI Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Friday 07/10/2011, 10:33

25/03/11 ; *The War Rages On; Rosen, Martha, Neil, Negodz
29/03/11 ; ELO Event: Top 10 players have a chance to win Dragan Cr
- *"Urban Rivals in 3D!!!"
30/03/11 ; *Rescue Service Star; Scott LD (6 LDs so far)
08/04/11 ; *Unusual Abilities; Dallas, Ernst, Ace, Logan
11/04/11 ; *New Features; Event Creator easier to accept/reject
12/04/11 ; MasterfuI publicly unveils "History of UR (Draft 2)"
15/04/11 ; *Black Humor; Bikini Joe LD (7 LDs so far)
20/04/11 ; MasterfuI reaches level 100
22/04/11 ; *Clint City Idols; Cherry, Stella, Bianca, Russel
27/04/11 ; UR lists card creation date on every character
02/05/11 ; Video teaser released of the "Red One Motel incident"
- Counting down to "06-05-11," prominently displayed ...
06/05/11 ; *NEW CLAN: Berzerk; Norman, Kawamashi, Beef, Esther
- New Battle Concept: Berzerk intros: “Backlash.”
13/05/11 ; *The Dangers of Greed; Dudley LD available for 2nd time
20/05/11 ; *Wild at Heart; Taylor, Lola, Melanie, Gus
- New Battle Concept: Melanie intros: “Protection: Power”
- Lola intros: “Defeat: + X Life”
23/05/11 ; *Euzebe announces need for 10 EN Speaking Mods.
26/05/11 ; *All Strikes are Allowed; Harrow LD (8 LDs so far)
- *New Feature: Secure Trades (Allows simultaneous exchange trading)
03/06/11 ; *Discover the Shop's Theme Decks; Premade decks for 60 credits each
06/06/11 ; *Strange Times; Rhyno, Marty, Drummond, Revok
- MasterfuI relinquishes founder status in Time Conquers All to begin guild touring

offline MasterfuI Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Friday 07/10/2011, 10:33

09/06/11 ; *New ELO Ban Rulings. Unban Charlie, Wanda. Ban Yayoi, Sigma, Gil, Uranus
- *New Special Rank Available: “Operator.” (Primarily accepts guild & thread requests)
10/06/11 ; *New Concept; Kreenk LD available for 2nd time
17/06/11 ; *The Berzerk Clan is on the Attack!; Cortez, Vivian, Coleridge, Kusuri
- New Battle Concept: Vivian intros “Protection: Damage.”
22/06/11 ; New Feature: LD Reminder. Purple menu under “Play” button
- MasterfuI asks public for help in developing pre-3rd Draft of UR Timeline
29/06/11 ; *Miss Clint City 2011 Election Campaign begins
30/06/11 ; Discover the Shop’s Theme Decks; 1st of 6 Theme Decks Released. 9 cards for 60 creds.
01/07/11 ; *Summer in the Sun; Gordon, Felicia, Victoria, Stiko
- Victoria intros “Stop: -X Pwr, Min Y”
04/07/11 ; “Solo mode” released, along with “solo missions”
- Note: The mode played on UR until now is newly called "multi player mode."
- Note: Solo mode missions are completed on "single player mode." (A NEW mode)
08/07/11 ; *Highway to Heaven; Hopper LD (9 LDs so far)
15/07/11 ; *Career Plans; Elvis, Fixit, Kostner, Ashiko
- New Battle Concept: Fixit intros DUAL ability! (Two distinct abilities in ability slot)
29/07/11 ; *Extreme Sanctions; Gork, Paolo, Jakson, Snowflake
01/08/11 ; *Miss Clint City 2011 election; Phase 1 of voting
04/08/11 ; *Sneak Preview; 1000 Kolos physical figurines to be made
05/08/11 ; *New Show; Bella LD available for 2nd time

offline MasterfuI Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Friday 07/10/2011, 10:34

12/08/11 ; *Lethal Weapons; Igor, Artus, Pallack, Diana
18/08/11 ; ONE MILLION deathmatches played!!!
23/08/11 ; *Slot Machine replaces Tombola (Lottery); Jackpot @ 10k ctz
26/08/11 ; *Extended Stays; Boyle, Miho, WoodXsxt, Quinn
29/08/11 ; *Event: Kolos Limited Edition; 10 winners among the top 150 one DT/week
02/09/11 ; *Live from the Stars; Dobbs LD (10 LDs so far)
05/09/11 ; *Kolos Attacks; Figurine available to buy. Travis LD “preview” available
07/09/11 ; *Hit the Jackpot!; Big prize added to slots
09/09/11 ; *The Way of the Warrior; Sekutor, Ralph, Reef, Carter
16/09/11 ; *Hoist the Mainsail!; Bonnie LD available for 2nd time
19/09/11 ; *NEW CRS!!! New Horizons; Marco Cr, Veenyle Cr
23/09/11 ; *Tools of Mass Destruction; Carlito, Melinda, Jeffrey, Arnie
30/09/11 ; *Wonder Kitty; Lois LD (11 LDs so far)
03/10/11 ; MasterfuI publicly unveils "UR Int'l News Archive (1st Draft)"
06/10/11 ; *[Event] North By Northwest
07/10/11 ; MasterfuI publicly unveils "History of UR (3rd Draft)"

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