offline Orpheus Titan §§ Les Gentlemen Ténébreux §§
Friday 07/10/2011, 10:53

In Clint City, you need to be able to make sacrifices. Gretchen wouldn’t think twice about risking her life to protect a tree. To get Cortez to spare him, Spyke had to agree never to speak or use his hands again. And while Flanagan devotes himself to concocting – and trying out! – new explosive cocktails, Karrion is all set to spend his eternal life in the Cave of Secrets...
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offline yaoihuntresse Colossus Wise Men Distracted
Friday 07/10/2011, 12:04

It's too bad Spyke didn't have a ball-gag, otherwise you could've made a neat Pulp Fiction reference (Berzerk always seemed to have this exploitation film vibe to it.).

offline jazzhall69 Titan New VisioN
Friday 07/10/2011, 12:11

SPECTACULAR release!!! 4 extremely playable cards. Kudos UR on the great job this week!

offline iGraff Colossus Harbingers of Ares
Friday 07/10/2011, 12:33

Spyke is a beast.

offline Soundtrack-HW Imperator humanoid weapons
Friday 07/10/2011, 13:39

Awesome release, every card here will see the light of day in a lot of different game rooms smiley
really like Karrion and Gretchen, and of course Spyke is an absolute monster

offline morshu the shop Hero  
Friday 07/10/2011, 13:43

Spyke looks like a pretty good card, but the nightmare clan has again gotten an op ally. With all bonuses stopped against nightmare, it's nearly impossible to block that poison of his.

offline Lucas_Nscto Imperator  
Friday 07/10/2011, 14:10

I hated this release. I mean, the cards are amazing but Karrion and Spyke are just too overpowered.

offline Goatmanji Hero URBAN MADNESS
Friday 07/10/2011, 14:13

I like Spyke the best.

Karrion is kool, but don't forget--he has to win to get that poison in, and he has 7 power with nothing to help him win. It's really not that hard to take down a 7 power even without your bonus.

Spyke could take him. smiley

offline Force Majeure Imperator Open Casket
Friday 07/10/2011, 14:20

Same thoughts with Goatmanji

A 7/5 even with SOB is very manageable. You have got to get that ability in or at least that 5 damage in together with his ability to efficiently use him. Without an ability it's not even a threat for his stars.

Spyke is hard to take down. Only a few cards can go ninja on Spyke.

offline Immortal One Titan Wise Men Distracted
Friday 07/10/2011, 14:42

Best release in quite awhile..really something here

offline TenCarrots Imperator - fang.crew -
Friday 07/10/2011, 15:14

Awesome release. I love the people crying "This card should've come with a built in ELO ban" that's just so funny.

Spyke? Ever hear of SoA? Ever hear of cards like ralph, prince jr, mona, caelus cr, oshitsune, tula, platinum that can effectively reduce his ability to more manageable numbers?

What about DRs? Almost every deck has a spiaghi or sakrhom Dr, that 7/5 -4 pow min 4 won't be anything if hit by spiaghi (4 dmg with bonus) or uranus/grak (3) "But who in their right mind wouldn't just sit back and use him in response to your play" Blahblah, there's plenty of courage based cards (Like hattori) who see little light in non-t2 game modes. They'll deal with him just fine. Also, lol at 'someone' who told me "Spyke's more OP'd than jackie cr!" That's just plain silly..

Karron is one thing nightmare didn't need, and that's another good 5*. Still, with no attack or power manip it's far from the overpowered monster it COULD be. Sure, SoB stops MOST of that but there's plenty of cards out there with abilities that will wreck her, like spyke and/or jackie cr. lmao

Flanagan 7/2 SoB 2*. Very nice addition indeed for the junkz, might even become an ELO staple. Not in any way worthy of an ELO ban imo.

And Hallelujah! Finally a good card to replace the many, many banned ones in roots. Gretchen is perhaps the least useful of the release if not for the roots bans everywhere. Might finally start seeing more roots, which is never a bad thing. smileysmiley


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