offline RufusJonz Imperator Army of Darkness
Tuesday 19/09/2006, 22:56

He beat me 9-0 then i re-challenged him about 10 mins later
had him beat, and on last card he timed out
LVL 43 -- 30th ranked quitter baby wimp! smiley smiley smiley
BEWARE of him!

offline DEUS Nono BA Guru  
Thursday 21/09/2006, 22:10

I agree with you all !! Watch out theses guys and do not fight against them anymore... There are Bad Players... sorry !! Play against us (DEUS-xxxxxx), we never wait for time up smiley I hope so !! or sould you see one of us doing this, please tell it to an Admin !! HAVE FUN =)

offline RufusJonz Imperator Army of Darkness
Friday 22/09/2006, 00:22

Add 2 more avoid players
2-fufu-evo -- level 40, 9th ranked elo, he timed out on rematch when i had him beat after he whipped me once
arkantos -- lvl 20 wuss

offline Ultima20X6 Senior  
Friday 22/09/2006, 02:14

Yeah I just dont get it, its bad manners really.
Don't challenge or play if you don't want to lose...

You should check out my win rate...tis terrible, but I don't mind, its only fun.

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