offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Thursday 13/10/2011, 15:03

Hello all,

I have a message from Fraggle for you smiley

«Quite a lot of things to tell you today.

Apple asked us to remove Tapjoy free credits system (Apple decided it was forbidden).

An updated iPhone version will be released very soon without this free credits system. It will also be 100% retina (except last minute problem). Instead of Tapjoy, there will be a free clintz system in exchange for viewing video ads but unfortunately it will be less interesting for you (and us). If you don’t want to lose the free credits system, do not update.
As we’ve been caught on the hop, we haven’t had time to add more features to this update (solo mode, slots, etc.) but it will be the case later.

Android: our tech service provider for the porting has unfortunately not been satisfactory (delay, quality of the code) so we changed our mind. Our new strategy is to take the flash version of the site (with some additions) and to transform it in an android application. The problem is that only powerful Android phones are able to run Flash. The list of compatible phones is available here:
It should be available on the Android Market by the end of the year.

If you have questions don’t hesitate to ask.»

I'll do by best to answer and I'm sure Fraggle will come around here to answer too smiley

offline - Kronos-_ Moderator Open Casket
Thursday 03/11/2011, 19:48

The tourney times got moved from the even hours to the odd hours somehow.

Thats because in the uk and france hours went back 1 hour on the 29th at 2pm

offline heavysuit Guru  
Friday 04/11/2011, 01:32

Any chance for a webOS app?

offline superdown Legend  
Saturday 05/11/2011, 16:59

There is daylight saving in place in some parts of the world changing the dt times for some countries

offline SouldeathReap Senior  
Sunday 06/11/2011, 04:48

You were saying that for the android app. it will be able to work on android phone that have flash on them. Will the android app for urban rivals work on android tablets that have flash on them too?

offline Kahkolii Senior  
Sunday 06/11/2011, 19:19

I don't know if this bug has been posted or not or that I'm the only one who encountered it, but when the opponent get's through with a -Life or a Poison, it looks as if it affects them, but after the little animation, they're life stays the same but mines is affected.

offline NGUGHephaestus Hero  
Sunday 13/11/2011, 15:13

@gunner64UK i have the same thing. Its for anything that "removes" (poison, -life, pill manipulation)

Where are the free clintz videos they mentioned?

offline gallago Imperator  
Tuesday 15/11/2011, 19:00

WHY BLAIM APPLE IF IT WAS "FORBIDDEN" THEN HOW COME NONE OF THERE OTHER GAMES (JUST THIS ONE ) HAVE HAD THIS RULE FORCED ON THEM (STRANGE) just tring to get more money from us , check with apple if you dont believe me just urban rivals . can u please put this on as ive not insulted any one just spoke truth

offline Sir_0nly_0n3 Titan Code of Chivalry
Tuesday 15/11/2011, 19:07

Yeah.. I've noticed that other iPhone apps can still receive points from TapJoy... I feel a bit deceived. I agree with gallago.. only less demanding o.o lol. But please respond to this, UR Staff. How come other apps can still use TapJoy? And is there any way you can give free credits through I asked this a while back and got an answer that you'll look into it... any updates on it?

offline OC-Vanity Guru Open Casket
Wednesday 16/11/2011, 04:52

Now my main question is this:

All these people with Iphones get free credits from tapjoy or whatever, will there be a similar function for the android? As in will there be any way to obtain free credits from the app? I would like to think my $250 phone does something nice too smiley

offline BigCee Imperator  
Wednesday 16/11/2011, 13:20

I updated smiley This would have been nice as a public warning on login. smiley

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