Gail Ld makes her return to Clint TV with a new and even more ground-breaking concept for a show. Every week, she’ll invite two clan members and get them to debate subjects as broad-ranging as the economy, show-business and ice-cream flavors. Then at the end, as no one will have understood anything anyway, there’ll be a fight to decide just who was right and who was wrong. Clint TV, the television of tomorrow...for you today!Gail Ld is a legendary character who is only available by carrying out missions associated with her. To obtain this character, you must unlock her last mission before November 13th.

offline Gmann99 Senior  
Sunday 16/10/2011, 21:17

Easiest LD ever.

offline peladaum Titan  
Sunday 16/10/2011, 22:04

I remember when the missions where like: "win 25 fights with knock out from Ghumbo",now all the missions are so easy. I like because in 1 or 2 hours i´m done. But it sucks because i did the first time too and it took me a lot more.

offline Kryoza Titan  
Sunday 16/10/2011, 22:30

To unlock the missions, just buy a upper you don't have in your collection. For instance, I sold my Eliott and bought it back again, it unlocked my Gail Ld missions, hope it helps you

offline DarkenedNova Veteran Casual Grind
Monday 17/10/2011, 02:18

Got her in about 3 hours.

offline ownedudead Senior  
Monday 17/10/2011, 07:31

Nope nvm, i gave the survivor one last go and got it thank GODDDDDDD

offline xwarbotx Titan The Pro Ghosts
Monday 17/10/2011, 09:14

They have to add a survivor challenge with the clan I hate the most -_-

offline sythalia Imperator ONE WORLD
Monday 17/10/2011, 10:23

You don't have to play Uppers to complete the survivor mission smiley

offline xwarbotx Titan The Pro Ghosts
Monday 17/10/2011, 10:54

Really!!! sweet. Thx for telling me smiley

offline DerMagus Legend Tequila Sunrise- UR
Monday 17/10/2011, 12:12

"To unlock the missions, just buy a upper you don't have in your collection. " ... oh, how nice, you are telling me to 'just' buy Amanda! ... still no reaction from support, btw. Thumbs down.

offline LOA Daigon Legend Legends of America
Monday 17/10/2011, 17:37


Easy killer(s). Use your given cerebral talents, and let a cooler head prevail. ;-]

No one needs to buy Armanda Cr to unlock a mission. (Or for any purpose short of pure collecting, for that matter.) You don't even need to sell your cache of Bianca cards, and buy them all back. Simply put any Uppers card on the market that you only have one of. Now, cancel the sale.

There you go. It left your Collection, and then you got it 'new' again, toggling the game engine to look for active missions.

I'm not saying people should have to jump through hoops. Players have a reasonable expectation for a system to work properly. If it fails to do so, then it should be addressed. However, since the problems have been clearly defined, and addressed, by the player community above, the only thing left to do is let Customer Support do their thing.

If anyone is determined to 'assist' them with their 'helpful' comments and suggestions, then perhaps the green ? tab (Contact us) might be a better way to go than posting here. After all, if some of the knee-jerk reactions above couldn't be expected to take the time to read the posts that came before them, why would you expect it of someone else?

Peace, Love & Harmony, folks. ;-]
LOA Daigon

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