For a significant part of the Urban Rivals community, the Guilds are a vital part of the gaming experience.And they are about to take on even more importance as, from now on, belonging to an active Guild will provide its members with distinct gaming advantages.This change goes hand in hand with a total revamping of the guild page, as well as some new and exciting features.If you’re still not part of an active Guild, now’s the time to remedy all that!To find out more about the new Guilds, click here.

offline FlowinBitsLoA Titan  
Monday 31/10/2011, 04:25

Don't know if it has been mentioned but Applicants should be at the bottom of the Guild page. Why are players that are not in the guild above Ranked Guild members? Just a thought.

offline rajarimba Imperator Synergy
Monday 31/10/2011, 09:37

@ Dark Daexen, i use your explanation for the current situation now.

A guild that have 10 member maximum capped per week was 36k .
B guild that have 1000 member , so maximum capped per week still 36k.
For what are u saying , YES i agree ,no different.

Now, Mission point can convert to Guild Point. There is no maximum here(correct me, if i'm wrong). If Guild A n Guild B per member have at least 5k Mission Point., so

Guild A have 36k + 5kx10 = Total 86k GP
while, Guild B , have 36k + 5kx 1000= so, final total is 5,036,000 GP

Now, can u see the huge different here. My point is, this new guild system was always advantage to those guild that have a huge numerous member here
Make it equals for ALL guild. Now, u can see why some guild have just reach GL 4, some already reach lvl 12

offline LOA Daigon Legend Legends of America
Monday 31/10/2011, 14:29


@raja - I'm afraid you're missing a key point regarding Mission Points (MPs).

All players' MPs will be credited to their personal guild points (1200 max) and their guild's points (36,000 max) when they are earned, from here on out.

If this 'donation' option was NOT available, there would be no way to credit players who have ALREADY spent several (hundred) hours on Missions, earning thousands of points. This is a one-time retroactive option to allow the old players credit for the same achievements that new players have still ahead of them.

In other words - You earn the most mission points the fastest, when you have fewer missions completed. Therefore, the folks who haven't spent a lot of time on missions will advance the fastest. ALL OF THOSE MPs will be credited from here on out.

I understand there's confusion on the issue from a lot of folks. Kudos to you for at least asking. ;-]


offline rajarimba Imperator Synergy
Monday 31/10/2011, 18:32

@LOA Daigon.
Thank you for your thought. Actually there was a lot of "Grey area" about new guild system. We just a normal player want to find the best formula to get all the guild bonus point asap. But, when other guild who already GL 14 n some stil GL 4, so i curious more and how this new guild systems works.
Hopefully from this feedback can give more picture about this new systems since Admin only give basic that sometimes i'm confuse.

BTw, i hope UR Admin can settle ALL problems asap including a button(send a message) to whole guild. It's still not working

offline FloydBliss Master Time Conquers All
Tuesday 01/11/2011, 08:09

Someone PLEASE tell me how to unlock the bonuses as an admin.I just can't find the way to do it!This is really frustrating.
HELP me someone!

offline {UE} Farticus Titan The Unfound Effort
Tuesday 01/11/2011, 16:21

@Lief GS4 Only the guild's founder can unlock the bonuses.

offline LOA Daigon Legend Legends of America
Tuesday 01/11/2011, 17:06


@Lief - I'm sorry, mate, but I think only the Founder can unlock your bonuses.


offline thegoldenorc Veteran R-E-V-O-L-U-T-I-O-N
Tuesday 01/11/2011, 23:45

I used the send a message to the whole Guild button and thought at first that it had not worked, BUT, the message had been sent to the players registered email address and not as a direct PM.

Hence, if players check out their email, then they will be able to read your message smiley

offline FloydBliss Master Time Conquers All
Wednesday 02/11/2011, 08:32

Only the founders!!!smileyThis is really awful!Many guilds have completely inactive founders but have active admins and members.What will those guilds gonna do???There's also no way to remove a founder. Are those guilds gonna get destroyed?
UR staffs has to do sth in this case!

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Wednesday 02/11/2011, 13:34

Lief GS4: If your founder is inactive then you can send a message to urban rivals (using the green ?) and urban rivals will take a look at it and decide if the founder needs to be removed.

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