After months of trials and taking into account your views (forums, surveys and the X-Periment ELO event), we are officially changing the list of permanent ELO bans: Arkn, Toro, Ghumbo, Bonnie Ld, Sledg, Ulrich and Arno will be banned, while Uranus in now authorized.These changes will come into effect from the week commencing December 05.Happy gaming to you all in ELO mode!

offline Androphyte Guru  
Friday 02/12/2011, 03:24

I would have liked to see Wee Lee, Striker and Ratanah unbanned. I know these characters are quite powerful, but I think they can be played around reasonably well and they wouldn't break ELO in any way.

offline hashhjjj Guru  
Friday 02/12/2011, 04:24

I vote for this update, they are good.

offline hashhjjj Guru  
Friday 02/12/2011, 04:25

New bans in ELO is excellent!

offline Stu CA Senior  
Friday 02/12/2011, 05:24

Dark, you talk about choices, but what kinda choice is that when you are forcing certain clans to get a splash i.e. Uranus for DR, you're not giving them choices, you're restricting them towards a certain way of playing, you're basically telling them if they want DR, they cannot get it from their own clan (they have to get it from other clans, they have to break their mono, whereas other clans do not have to do that, and have mutiple choices for DR, is that fair?), then there's who ppl complain about too much guessing with Piranas, the whole game is basically based on guessing to win, if you guessed right, you should be rewarded, if you guessed wrong, you should be punished, fair and square, what did you expect? guess wrong and win? is that fair?

offline Zhudac Hero  
Friday 02/12/2011, 07:22

The only way to promote "diversity" in deck making is to have multiple options that are about the same power level in general. For example, z3r0 d34d and Arkn served completely different functions in a deck, yet were balanced relative to each other. It is inevitable that people will choose the "best" card in whatever star slot, because no other cards simply compare. While this can be a ban scenario in other games we have such a limited pool of cards to choose from as opposed to other card games that all this only amounts to a negative power creep, where people use card "A" which gets banned from overuse then resort to "B", then "C" and so on. Now, we cannot have 10 viable options for each star slot in a clan, as all that would require recycling of cards and abilities (leading to every card having multiple "clones"smiley. What we really need to do is undo these pointless bans which have done literally NOTHING to promote deck diversity and make more frequent releases (maybe 4 cards a week, 2-3 of them being Elo-worthy; as in, no terrible releases that just have better alternatives. Our last release had no good ELO cards) at the Pre-staff and mass permanent banning of well-designed cards that have accomplished nothing whatsoever. (Ban Toro, everyone goes to Methane ban methane, diehard GHEIST use anibal, rest just stop using GHEIST 4*... same story with Arkn and basically every other ban) Also, we need more variability in abilities to help increase synergy and promote diversity, so that we don't need to spam clones to make Elo-viable cards.

offline W M Daexen Colossus Wise Men Distracted
Friday 02/12/2011, 07:50

@ Stu CA - I don't even know why you are commenting here. You've been playing for little more than a month and haven't even played ELO. Try playing before complaining - you might be surprised where that gets you. Although with your one-dimensional way of thinking, it probably won't get you very far anyways. Good luck

offline Stu CA Senior  
Friday 02/12/2011, 09:25

Wow, I never thought a moderator would go so far to attack a person (customer) like that, instead of BEING ON TOPIC, and dealing with ppl's complaints and issues at hand, just because I've only played for a few months = I have no right to comment? I don't know how you derive that, so you're trying to drive new players away? according to your logic, new players should just shut up and quit, hey? just b/c I haven't played ELO on this character = I have never played ELO before? pls think before you say stuff like that, and if you want to stay on topic, you might want to explain your "multi-dimensional way" of thinking, instead telling ppl how they are "one-dimension" and you're not

offline Positivez Master  
Friday 02/12/2011, 09:48

How did this guy become a moderator?

Stu CA had a very good point. Maybe proof him wrong, if you can?

offline subclavianHoA Imperator Harbingers of Ares
Friday 02/12/2011, 10:41

@Stu CA:
According to your profile, you've never played elo before. So what do you care about elo bans? According to the date of your account creation and the lack of stars beside your name, you've never bought credits before. So how does that make you a customer?

offline Soundtrack-HW Imperator humanoid weapons
Friday 02/12/2011, 11:17

@ Positivez
I'm starting to think the exact same thing. . .

@ Dark
All he is saying is that there may be one of two faults in your argument, and basically all he is saying is that they should have released a second Dr for piranas (or a defeat card) before banning Ulrich. Now that's fair enough.

Anywho, hopefully freakz will become a bit more powerful, with less piranas means less SOB smiley (which is a shame, I quite liked em smiley)
Ohh.. and just realised, no staff bans considering past Dec 5th all the guys listed will be perma-banned anyway.

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