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Saturday 24/11/2007, 15:08

(These rules are a translation of the rules posted on the french forum by admin Mac Leod)

Read carefully all that is written on this subject, this will clarify most details regarding the message board.

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Saturday 24/11/2007, 15:08

Introductions and Recruitment

- for the subjects regarding recruitment, avoid the descriptions like “we are the 50th and we are recruiting!!!!” Be more precise in your speech for a better understanding of the recruitment subjects
- when creating a guild it is important to post a coherent message or the request will be refused
- avoid the too simple descriptions, if you are more creative you will have more chance in bringing new members, try to write briefly the points of interest of your guild
- the default descriptions are refused
- the subjects or messages in SMS language will be systematically refused

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Saturday 24/11/2007, 15:09

Sales, purchases and auctions

-the rules have been posted by RG Sand on the subject “[HOWTO] Sales, purchases and auctions : complete trading rules” you can find them at this page:

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Saturday 24/11/2007, 15:09

Tournaments and events

The things you have to know before entering a tournament in order to avoid all the players who create tournaments just for their personal gain
A tournament is organized with the sole purpose on entertaining other players, and can never be done with the purpose of personal gain.
For a longtime the tournaments were based on confidence so it’s usual now to give the inscription fees directly to the organizers. But before you do that check if the winnings are more than the sum of the inscription fees. An organizer who gives prizes “out of his own pocket” it’s clearly much more honest than the one that speaks only of what you must pay to enter.
Finally, most of the fake tournament organizers say: “Send me a rare card, or send me whatever card for inscription” You have to understand that this is an easy way for the fake organizers to enrich themselves. 8 participants required, 8 cards sent to the account of a novice or a master … the tournament doesn’t take place… and the cards are not redistributed
So, don’t participate in a tournament that looks like it could bring personal gains to the organizer and don’t participate in a tournament where the organizer doesn’t personally give some prizes.
Be very careful when you enter a tournament where you know nothing about the organizer, trusting the organizer is crucial when entering a tournament.
Don’t hesitate to ask for the prizes to be kept on the account of a moderator

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Saturday 24/11/2007, 15:09

Strategy and Tactics

- Before posting a subject requesting aid for a good ELO deck, please take your time to read the already posted subjects, there are already tens of subjects regarding interesting strategies
- Will be refused all the subjects in which you request aid without an explanation, subjects such as: “how do I make a good ELO deck” or “I’m now level 15, help me…”
- The subjects about unofficial game modes, like OLD, are not encouraged
- All subjects regarding the random factor in the game will be refused

Attention: this part of the forum is reserved for strategies and tactics, not for debating possible changes of the game
For all ideas or suggestions: contact the customer support

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Saturday 24/11/2007, 15:10


There are some players that will try to ask (steal) your password making you believe that they are something like the following:
- a member of the family of the moderating team or of the staff
- or inventing a game that has the support of the staff
- or they want to give you clintz or cards in exchange for access to your password

It’s clear that all of those are fake claims
1 – we don’t need your password to give the prizes
2 – there are no “surprise games”, all it’s announced on the message board
3 – please report to us all password requests from another player

If a player is caught trying to obtain the password of another player will have his account banned for a month or permanently without being able to ever come back.
Thank you for understanding this.

Some players deliberately threaten others to be blacklisted making false statements to the moderators.
Consequently we have decided that we will sanction only in the case where the “victim” sends us proof.
On the other hand, a false statement will result in the blocking of the account of that player for several days (maybe even permanent)
We mention that we we’ll not take into consideration any comment of the player in a situation like this.

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Saturday 24/11/2007, 15:10

Cheating in tournaments:

Either in a daily tournament or in ELO, cheatings will be severely sanctioned, the sanctions ranging from blacklist to permanent ban of the account
We can see the way the games are played, round by round, and we also have a good number of other means of detecting cheating
We are able to sanction rapidly all cheats and we don’t take into consideration any excuses.

Sanctions list:

- insults = 1 to 3 weeks of blacklist
- cheating in tournaments (daily tournaments or ELO) = 15 days to a 1 month blacklist
- card theft = 1 month blacklist or permanent ban
- account theft = permanent ban
- asking for the password of another player (with whatever pretext) = permanent ban
- creation of another account to bypass the blacklist = permanent ban
- multi-accounts = permanent ban of the secondary accounts or of ALL accounts (if it’s the case of cheating, theft etc)
- insults on the biography, name, avatar = 1 to 3 weeks of blacklist or permanent ban for recidivists

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Saturday 24/11/2007, 15:11

Pay attention to your mail and messenger address

For your security:
- never write your mail address on your biography
- give your mail address only to players you know
- you are solely responsible for your mail address and the ones you add to your contact list

The exchanges of allopass codes for cards are not tolerated and we will not compensate in any way in case you are tricked. You are solely responsible of that exchange.
Nonetheless, if confirmed, the player who tries to trick others in this way will be permanently banned

Never give your passwords, not even to the members of the technical staff or the moderators

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