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Friday 23/12/2011, 18:18

Okay, so I read MihoAnsatsu 's idea for a new clan called the Romanes. I thought it was really cool, so I made my own clan idea. It is weird, but I think it is interesting. Don't hate, but leave some criticism. I will post more and more charactors as time goes on. Leave any ideas, because I will take them into consideration. Heree we go:

Tribus Dou
The misfits of Clint City, these people desperately look for their parents and acceptance. They include the best and the worst qualities of all of the clans. Their hatred of those who will not accept them has driven them to perfect their training. To this day, many of the members would still be on the streets, but Jimmix and Caroline banded together to find these loners and give them what little comfort they can.

Jimmix: 5*
Ability: Dual power: When fighting a deck containing exactly two clans, power and damage plus 1
Bonus: Stop opponent bonus
While Dregn was in the past, he met Charlie. Though he knew the effects that could come, he had a child with her. Growing up a misfit in both the Pussycats and the Vortex, he grew up alone until he met Caroline, another misfit. As leader of the Tribus Dou, he fights for the protection of everyone, regardless of clan, or clans.

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Tuesday 26/02/2013, 08:09

Necro thread. No need to bump it smiley

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