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Friday 30/12/2011, 10:59

While Eebiza is able to create lasers well ahead of her time, the technology that brought Magenta back to life is altogether more murky and primeval… And thanks to his bravery and the Rescue clan’s medical know-how, Bucker can go back into combat before having even made a full recovery. But the most wondrous of them all has to be Craho, who has woken up some 4,500 centuries later after having fallen into a frozen lake!Get these characters in the shop's packs

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Friday 06/01/2012, 04:00

@yurieu hoA, interesting concept but some things it has to consider. Does it block ekloore? Also, i think this isn't the best ability it could make. A soa would solve the problem. I'd like to maybe see something like defeat heal or something of the sort. Only 2 defeat poisons are wurmhol, who nobody. Really uses, and that chick from the skeelz(lol forgot her name). Maybe like a card that removes poison/heal from you, and likewise another for the opponent. I really like the whole idea of defeat life gain. Lola can be thought of as -3 opp damage min-2, unless if defeated by ko prehence. Copy ability would be useful. I'd definitely look into a clan with copy bonus. After i think they should make another -2 opp power, likewise damage, and -8 opp attack min 3 clan. Most likely we will get a clan with like heal 2 max 9 or something of the sort. Which case theyd have some defeat tactic, or poison, or damage reduction(or all of the above), but the # of clans they can make is lengthy. Back to the point, id prefer calling the ability something like pillz lock or something, which happens right after your pillz are played, preventing loss for the round. Some people want new leaders, but the idea seems complex. Not enough things we can add. Perhaps an attack reduction one. -1 opp life per round? Thatd be 2. Maybe a protection pillz, and perhaps under same scenario protection life... Then what? I do think UR would want it to revolve around the current 10, and i doubt theyd get an ld. But knowing UR they'll surprise us

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Friday 13/01/2012, 02:47

New cards come out tomorow if not mistaken. My prediction is uppers, piranas, jungo, and freaks

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