offline Kungfu Sock Senior  
Thursday 12/01/2012, 23:40

Winners of previous riddles cant win again.
Guess the card from the riddle and win it!
When I have about 3-6 correct answers ill stop and pick a random winner from them.

I have the ability to lay down my life for you
And kill an enemy or two.
With my gold plated top
and a shoulder mounted rock...
I wear my tag with pride
like a dog following his general


offline xxjugaloxx Hero TRiNiTY
Friday 13/01/2012, 09:55

I would have to say Arnie because of his bio saying Killing one person at a time might have been considered fun in the time of the Romans but firearms have moved on since then, so when Arnie comes across a building infested with roaches or enemies, he’d rather take the whole thing out. And your riddle says an enemy or 2 also he's a blonde with a mounted rock ( could be abbreviation for rocket) on his shoulder and he's la junta which follow general cr

offline Sasukemystery Guru Harbingers of Ares
Friday 13/01/2012, 11:24


offline Kasraew_MOB Imperator  
Friday 13/01/2012, 11:44


available BlackStormMOB Imperator Masters of Battle
Friday 13/01/2012, 12:22


offline Soundtrack-HW Imperator humanoid weapons
Friday 13/01/2012, 12:45

1. Can lose and regain pills.
2. Rockets, duh!
3. he is a rare card (gold plated top)
4. rock meaning rocket launcher.
5. Dog tags.
6. General Cr.
(numbers represent the answers to Kungfu's Riddle smiley (like Doxxhic did smiley))

offline Le Roi des-- Senior  
Friday 13/01/2012, 13:14


offline Kungfu Sock Senior  
Friday 13/01/2012, 14:17

capt dreamer

Ok these were the fist 6 to say Arnie, but i will break my rule and add:
Simply beause I think he alot more of the riddle parts and deserves a spot.

Ill break down the riddle...

I have the ability to lay down my life for you - (defeat ability)
And kill an enemy or two. - (read his Bio.)
With my gold plated top - (Rare Card)
and a shoulder mounted rock... (soulder mounted rocket)
I wear my tag with pride
like a dog following his general - (both the last lines reference his Dog Tag and following General. Dog Tag is the La Junta emblem and General Cr leads the clan.

The random winner is................ xxjugaloxx
Welldone, check your privite sales for Arnie!

Note: I will be changing the rules for the next giveaway, to stop people copying what others said.

offline Skittish Colossus Open Casket
Friday 13/01/2012, 15:55

Nice work, i new it was a junta, but the gold threw me.

offline Tanto89 Titan X. LycurguS .X
Friday 13/01/2012, 16:57

IMO, the winner should be the fastest one and only 1 winner per giveaway
1 person can only win once per 5 giveaways

spending 12K+ for one giveaway might not last longer (too much pressure to you) except you have capability like French players that has tons of big 5.

good idea though about the riddle and stuff
good job smiley

offline scottieevil Legend Italian session
Friday 13/01/2012, 17:54


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