offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Friday 13/01/2012, 12:56

Hello all,

It’s time to know the results of the Christmas Fan’art Contest!

First, let me explain how the jury chose the winners:
We received more than 200 entries. First, we selected 42 finalists. Then each member of the jury gave a top 10, each rank corresponding to a certain amount of points.

Who is the jury?
Your favorite admins, our wonderful graphic designers and also phalloide and John Sein.

Choose was really difficult. We received a lot of amazing, beautiful, funny and original masterpieces. We would like to thank you all, we had a great time with your creations.

1st : Eel Man wins a Wacom Intuos4 S

2nd : StunningShock wins a Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch

3rd : Onseconnait and ken-chan13 tie for this place and win un Lao Cr each.

4th : GA jiraya win Dragan Cr

5th : Kagehisha win Kerozinn Cr

Congratulations to the winners smiley

We wanted to give you the whole top 10 :

6th : EdgE xBRx

7th : Vigmar11

8th : Rehnn

9th : J8B

10th : -JBT-

The masterpieces of the 42 finalists will be published on facebook as soon as possible.

Have fun!

offline Dxm_Kner21 Guru Deus eX Machina
Tuesday 24/01/2012, 16:43

Uhm... ? are they up yet?

offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Tuesday 24/01/2012, 17:58

Yes, you can see the 42 finalists on Facebook smiley

offline SM-MrZero Colossus Sticos Mutants
Tuesday 24/01/2012, 18:23

Magnificent drawings, on Urban we have artists !!smiley

offline Atompocalypse Senior aussie crusaders
Wednesday 25/01/2012, 17:17

My favorite is the 4th one
well done to all

offline Kratos Master Bedroom Of Darkness
Saturday 28/01/2012, 15:32

No link :/

offline FEAR_bleustx Titan Peenoise Republic
Sunday 29/01/2012, 04:35

Congratulations to the winners. Awesome event and prices.

offline 69 Breakers Legend  
Monday 06/02/2012, 19:41

1st, 2nd and ken chan's 3rd4th are godly.
3rd is cuuute smiley

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