Tuesday 27/11/2007, 01:08

Hello, this is an auction

3 Tessa 0 Xp
1 Tessa level 2
3 Vickie 0 Xp
1 Diyo complete Xp
3 Diyo 0 Xp
1 Swidz 0 Xp.

This auction end on December 6
Minimum Required 205.000 clintz

Good Auction

Tuesday 27/11/2007, 11:58

Or sell me 1 card from your list or anything good except diyo

Tuesday 27/11/2007, 19:48

Ill bye diyo what is the price

Tuesday 27/11/2007, 22:13

Guys he is selling all the cards not in individual slots so stop bidding for individual slots and only big if u got a 205k offer cause thats his minimum

Wednesday 28/11/2007, 03:55

00 luluk first

Wednesday 28/11/2007, 11:47

Wanna trade a Saddy and a Berserkgirl for a vickie and another common card?


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