Wednesday 01/02/2012, 17:12

Hello all,

We made a series of interviews between the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012. These interviews persuaded us to complete a project we were thinking about for a long time: the setting up of a cards rotation system.

Right now there are 800 cards in the collection and it’s already too much for the game to run smoothly. The players who have all the cards always use the strongest of a clan and even if it makes them win matches they are frustrated not to see more variety. For their part, the beginners have to face a huge collection and they often feel quite lost.

We want to create a list that includes only characters released in the past two years (+ leaders and starter characters) and change several rooms which allow players to only use the characters in this list. We won’t impose this list in every rooms because our goal is not to stop you from playing the oldest cards, for example the DM T2 and Survivor T2 won’t change at all even if names will be different.

Let’s see what will happen in detail:

1/ Create a list of characters called «Standard» which will be updated every 6 months:
This list will contain Leaders, Starter Decks characters, all characters released within these last 2 years before the update (LD included) and characters which will be released after the update.
In practical terms it will give about ten characters allowed in each clan (with more or less the same number of characters in each level). Note that the new clans will keep all their characters. It will be taken into account in the cards releases planning. We will act as to give each clan what they need to be efficient.

2/ Creation of 3 new deck formats:
Extended Format: all characters allowed, no doubles, 40 stars max., equivalent to T2.
Standard Format: Standard characters only, 40 stars mac., no doubles.
Standard Format 25: Standard characters only, 25 stars max., no doubles, list of characters banned if it’s needed (for Leaders for example).
Note that the T1 format disappears.

3/ Finally, create or adapt battle rooms:
The Standard battle room : Standard Format with a DT every other hour.
Instead of opening a less than 26 stars (T1) room and a more than 26 stars (T2) one, you will have one single room BUT you’ll face opponents whose decks have a number of stars close to yours. This mechanism corresponds better to the reality of DTs today where every players try to find the good combination which will give the most points while winning matches with 20 to 30 stars decks. Merging the two rooms will allow you to keep this optimization spirit without the «artificial» side of the stars limitation. This flexibility combined with the Standard format will give a breath of fresh air to DTs while keeping specificity.

This room will be the ONLY DT room. There won’t be any T2, T1 or ELO Daily Tournament. We know that it’s not harmless and it was a very difficult decision to take. Some of you struggled a long time to obtain very expensive collectors which allow them to improve their results in DT and their disappointment is understandable. Nevertheless, DT’s today are clearly dominated by some decks not to say several highly efficient cards which is not healthy in a competitive game mode.

The ELO room: Standard format 25 (with potentially some bans), same rules except that there won’t be DTs in this room any more.
Use the Standard rules in the ELO mode sounds quite obvious to us. It will allow some regular changes to the mode and it will remove old characters which cause balancing problems. It should reduce the number of staff banned characters and no more characters banned by players.

About DT, we think that the ELO mode is pretty different from the DT. There is no reason to mix these two game modes. Today, ELO players have the opportunity to win free credits without playing in DT. Tomorrow they’ll have to choose between Dt and ELO which is already the case for players playing in other modes (Survivor or DM).

3 Deathmatch rooms:
Extended DM: Extended format, current DM rules.
Standard DM: Standard format, current DM rules.
Standard DM 25: Standard format 25, current DM rules.
The Extended DM will be equivalent to the current DM T2, only the name will change.
The Standard DM will allow players with big decks but with characters in the Standard list. The DM T1 will disappear and we’ll add a Standard 25 room. We noticed that the rare players in DM T1 were more ELO players than DT T1 players. We hope that the Standard DM 25 will be more used than the current DM T1 room. If it’s not the case, we will think about it. If there are DM T1 players here who are reading this message and Don’t want this change to Standard DM 25, Don’t hesitate to let us know.

3 Survivor rooms.
Extended Survivor: Extended format.
Standard Survivor: Standard format.
Standard Survivor 25: Standard format 25.
Same idea as Deathmatch.

And the rooms which won’t change:
Fight Club: the deck you want.
Warehouse: Training.
Warehouse no pillz: Training NoPill

Thursday 16/02/2012, 04:15

I still haven't heard a single good argument from the pro-Standard side.

Standard doesn't eliminate a bunch of outdated, improperly balanced cards. It just eliminates a bunch of cards. Some of those cards are great in the current formats. Some are mediocre. What's going to be left in Standard? Cards of the exact same quality. Some are great, others are awful. That means we lose access to more content without gaining any more balance.

Some pro-Standard people see this as a necessary purge that will allow upcoming releases to lead to better balance. The biggest problem with this is that we would be making a huge step back in terms of balance first. Some clans will become utterly unplayable in any kind of competitive format. I don't just mean "weak," I mean "it will be virtually impossible to win even with the best half-deck using one of those clans." How long will we have to wait until the game feels as balanced as it does right now? Six months? A year?

How would having a game that's unbalanced for six months impact the player base? Do we really expect the majority of UR's players to stick around just waiting for months until their favorite clans get enough releases to be competitive again? Or do we expect that most people will stop playing their favorites and try to adapt, with everyone being all but forced to use Vortex and Berzerk?

I would appreciate it if anyone pro-Standard could intelligently explain what they see in the proposed changes.

Thursday 16/02/2012, 04:54

Please include an 'extended 25' format as well. Without it, most older 2 and 3 star cards will be completely unused.

I'm not a huge fan of this idea, it seems UR could just CR about 100 cards and leave the formats alone. This should be a great business model to increase pack sales, but I'm not certain it's going to be a great thing for players.

Thursday 16/02/2012, 04:59

Lol ghelas you obviously haven't looked properly

Thursday 16/02/2012, 05:45


i love the doom and gloom post based on insufficient information. without a complete list of cards that are playable in whatever format UR gives us... all of us are speculating. is the rational reaction one thats says... this will only be good. or is it this will all be bad omg im gonna quit the game. or is the reasonable reaction actually to say yep i see the good, i see some bad, lets see what we get.

waaaaaaay too many people saying it is all bad. and most of the pro standard are actually acknowledging the bad but sees the good.

cant please em all.

Thursday 16/02/2012, 06:28

"1/ Create a list of characters called «Standard» which will be updated every 6 months:
This list will contain Leaders, Starter Decks characters, all characters released within these last 2 years before the update (LD included) and characters which will be released after the update.
In practical terms it will give about ten characters allowed in each clan (with more or less the same number of characters in each level). Note that the new clans will keep all their characters. It will be taken into account in the cards releases planning. We will act as to give each clan what they need to be efficient."

It's not speculation. These are very clear-cut instructions regarding what would happen. A list of each character that falls into the "Standard" category currently has already been compiled and is posted somewhere in this thread. If you want to figure out whether a card is going into Standard or not, check its release date.

Here's what I noticed after looking at the list:
-Most of the DR in the game is gone
-The SoA clans have very few good cards left, so other than Qubik and Elvis SoA won't be around very much
-Some clans have way less than 10 cards. Roots has 6 cards.
-Even the clans that have 10 cards end up with 2 cards in each * category. In many cases, a clan has a decent and a bad card in each category. That means constructing mono decks with most clans is a terrible idea, and there's only 1 good half-deck you can build with most clans.

Thursday 16/02/2012, 06:32

I'm sorry if I sound a little bit ranty here, but that just seems like a big step backwards in terms of game balance. I've made several attempts to look at Standard in a positive light, but given the facts, I just can't. If someone out there has an idea as to how that can lead to a better, more competitive UR, please explain it to me.

Thursday 16/02/2012, 07:10

Thanks for pointing out where it is in fact speculating

you point out some will have less than 10 like Roots will have 6... i assume there will be others with less than 10
but ur says each will have about 10.

so one can fill in the gap in information with OMG ur is gonna have crap balance... or we can wait and see what the clans actually end up with

thank you for pointing out the game balance issue issue. lack of mono clans is great for variety
we DO NOT know what the decks will look like until the additional cards that will make up standard (aside from the cards) are made public.

the understandable concern is the inability to use older 2-3 cards in enjoyable formats

the death of SOA clans i dont think will be that big of a deal (personal opinion here) since these guys have been wrecking house for over 3 years anyway.

so once again... we have INCOMPLETE information.

Thursday 16/02/2012, 07:34

Oh i by the way i cant wait for the

UR should give us the information posts

followed by the

the rich people are abusing the market now and raising all the prices of the standard cards

fun times

Thursday 16/02/2012, 08:10

@Waster: I see your point about incomplete information, but...
If someone said "We are going to cut off your arms and then" would you stick around to hear if the rest of the sentence made the first part better? I sure wouldn't! Sometimes incomplete information is enough to understand that something bad is going to happen, and acting on incomplete information is the only way to avoid that bad thing.

Besides, when I say that there is no speculation involved, I am talking about information that is currently known and exact, regardless of how it was phrased in the post.
We have the release date of every card in UR right now.
We have a 2-year cutoff rule for Standard.
So, we *definitely* know which of the currently existing cards would be allowed in Standard.

If only a very small amount of those card combinations is competitively playable, we can conclude that there will be less variety, and not more.

If UR's developers have plans for a massive release that would fill the holes in the clans, that could fix the problem... But they would literally have to replace every old decent card with a new decent card. We are talking about several hundred cards here.

Thursday 16/02/2012, 08:13

I am going to do a little speculation now, if you don't mind: If 200 old cards need to be replaced to create the same level of diversity that's possible in the game now, it would take 50 4-card releases. Even if UR started releasing 16(!!!) cards per release, it would take 13 releases to catch up. That's 26 weeks. That's 6 and a half months.

Where do you think the extra variety in the game is going to come from?

Mono clan is still an option, taking away an option always makes less variety, not more... smiley


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