offline kung-fu dk Veteran  
Tuesday 07/02/2012, 12:16

Do you know any cards here that looks weak on paper, but are actually pretty good/great?

for me, Petra is the 1 card that looks weak on paper but are good . i mean 7/5 for a 4*? looks pretty weak. but the truth is that her sob shuts down annoying attack manipulation clans, and then puts the opponents down to 1 pill less most of the time

offline Soundtrack-HW Imperator humanoid weapons
Tuesday 07/02/2012, 12:59

When I look at Petra I know she is good, 7/5 are pretty stable stats for a 4 star, especially with attack manip with a bonus. With her sob she becomes instantly stronger, and imo a better card then gibson, due to her extra damage, 4 doesnt cut it for a 4 star for me :/ In the end she pretty much becomes a raeth, but he is usually used more due to the clan.
Honestly, im not actually sure which cards look weak, but prove themselves worthy. maybe someone like Ernest, even though I've never used him, he is actually incredibly annoying smiley
But yeah, other then that im not sure, maybe peopel should also post cards that seem great on paper, but in use aren't all that effective. Imo one of these cards are Tsubame, I just cant get her to work xD

offline AbigailWyatt Colossus Wise Men Distracted
Tuesday 07/02/2012, 14:13

A lot of people wouldn't include Jonas when it came to their Uppers decks, but I'm going to defend him right now. One look and people think he's a weak card but he's provided the finishing damage in many KOs I've had with my Uppers deck. Plus if you get the timing right with his AND Ambre's abilities...well, a 10 powered Jonas can actually look pretty scary, especially with his bonus. Plus many people don't expect you to pill that much with him. I'm just saying, he's actually pretty good when I play him.

@Soundtrack: Ernst can be pretty annoying, as someone who uses and faces him. Because I never know who's going to overpill him and who's going to make me waste pills by only playing 1. Many would go for Dr Saw in GHEIST mono, but I'm willing to sacrifice one extra damage and life to fit the spare star into my deck.

offline AmberRed1994 Veteran  
Tuesday 07/02/2012, 14:53

Tobbie! smiley

offline Alhalish Veteran URBAN MADNESS
Tuesday 07/02/2012, 15:10

Tino. Most people might think that because of his average power and Defeat ability, he's just a sacrifice... Tino + Avola, anyone? And yep, sometimes, they forget that almighty 7 damage.... Pill him like crazy, and you can use Edd Cr/Vito/furious Oscar to finish the job.

Beef & Sylvia Ld. Why underestimate these people? Sure, Backlash may hinder them, but you can't just ignore that 8 damage... And thus, countless players have fallen before these underrated cards.

As for cards that look good on paper, yet somehow is kinda hard to use in battle would be... Hefty. Dunno why, but when I'm using him, it feels like he's useless. Sure, he can take care of those pesky Piranas and Nightmare cards, but when I'm facing cards that don't rely on their bonus (like Berzerk cards like Spyke and Junkz cards like Rowdy)... Oh, how I wish that I didn't draw him.

offline LB_Abnormal Titan  
Tuesday 07/02/2012, 15:53

Randy looks incredibly bad on paper, but is a true powerhouse. The same also applies to Tula, and to a lesser extent, Laura.

offline Rainbow-Dash Senior  
Tuesday 07/02/2012, 19:52

Lola noel- totally replaces vivian, just one damage less. But for that -1 damage, you also get your power protected.

Elya cr- very predictable, but if you don't have SOA or a power reducer, it's not easy to beat smiley

Kerozinn cr- I know many ppl will look at that choice and say WTF? Well, I used to just counter her with mona, but as I don't have her anymore, I notice how scary kero becomes. That -1 opp power combined with 8 base power is pretty scary.

Elke- very useful in later rounds of survivor elo where you just need to take - pill off of your opp (and nothing you have will force them to pill) to ensure a victory. Also feeds anibal his revenge: +2 power. But it is pretty useless in the first rounds or if your opp still has too many pillz.

And borss- SOB is annoying when I'm running atk manip clans smiley

offline DeepEnd Imperator Limit Break
Tuesday 07/02/2012, 20:06

Marty makes at times game totally impossible for opponent, especially when you slip 8 damage nuke in with few pills on first round.

offline maki_mUR Senior Dragons Cro Clan
Tuesday 07/02/2012, 22:38

Wesley... he's tougher to beat than Mona if confidence is active. Yes his damage is a bit of a turnoff but in a good deck it's fine.

offline DeepEnd Imperator Limit Break
Tuesday 07/02/2012, 23:42

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