offline kung-fu dk Veteran  
Tuesday 07/02/2012, 12:16

Do you know any cards here that looks weak on paper, but are actually pretty good/great?

for me, Petra is the 1 card that looks weak on paper but are good . i mean 7/5 for a 4*? looks pretty weak. but the truth is that her sob shuts down annoying attack manipulation clans, and then puts the opponents down to 1 pill less most of the time

offline jerromy Master Harbingers of Ares
Tuesday 07/02/2012, 23:43

Platinume looks week but he can hold his own still aginst 8 power cards thought his damage is realy low but he is a 2*

offline Tanto89 Titan X. LycurguS .X
Wednesday 08/02/2012, 01:57

Hmm.. I prefer not to call cards as "weak"
most likely they are overshadowed by their clan mates

lunatik, my fav example
use this card before wakai, na boh, nimestiec and woodxsxt come out
6/4 for level 2 is very decent esp none of level 2 sakrohm can deal 4 damage

dr saw esp in random
UR don't have no random mode before, it's all random. even with jackie cr, dr saw can win and deal large life gap (usually they use it with fury and do "pray and hope mode"smiley
one of few noob weapons along with mort bax, crystal, etc
in no random he is ok, good card for budget deck

stanford, some people says too shaky, but he is actually very good
not many SOA and low power cards in the meta
everyone would use high powered card, and even against SOA clan, stanford has -10 attack bonus which help him tremendously

hel and sheitane, nightmare duet that forgotten by many players
6 power is low, but their ability makes up for it
my fav would be hel, fury her and that would be 8 life
sheitane is a bit like ludmilla but with SOB (very useful) and lower minimum

sakazuki with his 6/6 stats
gyro the "shaky" 7/5 (but, that's 7/5 for level 2)

Ironfield, his ability is not needed since he has freak's bonus
however he could be used as a surprise KO card (surprise element, something that freaks need)

emma, I wonder why she is so cheap.. she is decent, but her clan mates are much better in term of threats department
all that emma has is pure power, damage and + attack

offline 0 Anisette Guru  
Wednesday 08/02/2012, 02:26

Woodsxt is so underrated. That guy is better than nimestiec, wakai, and na boh combined together. He is definitely my favorite card.
He got 3 solid damage and sob nullify annoying bonuses.
Nimestiec is probably only better vs skeelz. Wood nullifies rescue, freaks, montana, uppers, etc.He actually better at forcing pillz than nimestiec in many cases. Woodsxt is a gimped up samantha!
Wakai has more power but u need more pillz on him, plus people do not expect you to pill woodsxt.
Na boh is 5 power and high min reduction. Na Boh is only as good as winston.
Against SoA, Woodsxt is better than any of the other cards! He is the best 2* for sakrohm!

offline Mr Intelijent Master  
Wednesday 08/02/2012, 05:29

"Nimestiec is probably only better vs Skeelz. Wood nullifies Rescue, Freaks, Montana, Uppers, etc.He actually better at forcing pillz than Nimestiec in many cases. Woodsxt is a gimped up Samantha!"

No....He isn't. Nimestiec is a - 14 attack card. Verse Mona? Mona needs 3 pills to beat. If WoodXsxt has his ability active which is half of the time and predictable, Mona only needs 2 pills to beat. Same for basically every other card. If Petra verses
WoodXsxt you don't force her to pill she forces you. If she verses Nimestiec she has to pill to beat him. Against any clan except Sob and + attack Nimestiec will make you pill more and heres the funny part. If both went head to head, and
WoodXsxt went first he would obviously win because he went first and they have = attack but thats the thing he has = attack. If they verse when Wood doesn't have his ability then Wood needs to pill a shocking 2 pills to beat a no pill Nimestiec. WoodXsxt with his ability is rarely better for making the opponent pill and that's only half the time. He is clearly worse.

I get that you think he is under rated and he is better than what people give him credit for, I agree but don't tell people wrong facts. Nimestiec is better.

offline wats_happenin Titan Casual Grind
Wednesday 08/02/2012, 05:50

IM actually going to back anisette here...i love Woodsy...he is my fave 2* sak...i find SOB a whole lot more useful than a bit more attk manip...
Individually id say nimestiec is more useful at drawing pillz from the opp. unecessarily but i prefer the + 1 dmg and SOB, which gives you a bit more leverage pill wise...a 2 pill on woodsy can beat a strong card and get some dmg out...think Wendel but less annoying!!!!

offline HonorGuard Titan  
Wednesday 08/02/2012, 07:48

Lothar gets my vote
Way back then I played Rescue, Steve, Lea, and Lothar was my 2* setup
Did you know a 3 pill Lothar can take out a 5 pill Spyke? Well now you do
The +12 attack combined with the -3 power will mean unaided 7 powers will have to pill 4 more (only 3 more if you are defending against a 2*), and that the unaided 8 powers need to pill 3 more. Pilling on Lothar is also viable, as you can fight pill to pill against 8 powers up to 5 pills, and the 7 powers up to.....a lot of pills, but pilling 11 on Lothar might be overkill...
Oh also he has 5 damage, which is more than all 3* rescue except Joana (Lothar is better than her anyways)
Of course, his checks are SoA and SoB, with SoB the hardest. Still, with SoA he is 15 atk, which translates to 2-3 pills, and vs SoB he still has the damage and a potential for a surprise 3-5 pill, 5 damage hit

Also, can't talk Lothar without talking Tobbie. They are actually very similar cards, but Tobbie is obviously better vs 8 powered, while Lothar is better on the pill drainage on 0 pills. Lothar also has SoA advantage, Tobbie has a SoB advantage
Also, Tula is very similar, but, uh, shes not underrated, so...

offline quexalblaze Hero the night stalkers
Wednesday 08/02/2012, 11:11

Good ol Anton, mc decay, Leila, wilhem, redra, sleam, the list goes on and on. People tend to misunderstand d a card usefulness and think in black and white. One time I Ko'd this guy wit a furious sleam without courage. He could have easily beat him, but he assumed I wasnt

offline 0 Anisette Guru  
Wednesday 08/02/2012, 11:38

@mr intelijent and wats_happenin
I think woodsxt is better... courage:sob is still good regardless of predictability, its courage soa that is horrible because it can be countered by stop cards.
In short, woodsxt is better. Woodsxt is sakrohm best 2*. Woodsxt is boss. Woodsxt forever!
Woooooddddsssssxxxxxtttt I mean the artwork is perfect, the name is perfect, he is perfect! smiley

"Good ol Anton, MC Decay, Leila, Wilhem, Redra, Sleam, the list goes on and on. People tend to misunderstand d a card usefulness and think in black and white. One time I Ko'd this guy wit a furious Sleam without courage. He could have easily beat him, but he assumed I wasnt"
Ok redra is staple and not underrated at all.
mc decay and leila are horrible.
Anton, Wilhem, and sleam are utterly useless.
Gosh, go ahead and use your anton and wilhem in elo and see how far can you get. We want proof!

offline Alhalish Veteran URBAN MADNESS
Wednesday 08/02/2012, 11:58

I sense the Irate Gamer's presence here... No, it's worse than the IG.

Anyways, I think that people really love to bash Mickey T... Why? 3 power kinda makes him look like a joke, eh? Sure, just send your Dregn with 2 pillz, and see me use one pill on him. Free 3 damage.

Alexei. Okay, just because Striker has one more damage, doesn't mean that he's weak. SOA + -2 power = recipe for disaster. Why people always call him a "newbie card" baffles me.

Cherry and Loretta. For some reason, having low damage for a 2 star is bad. Come on, Cherry has 8 power and -2 damage, and Loretta's bonus is simply deadly. Heal 2 max 10 = rendering 4 damage or less useless. Just because they are cheap common cards, doesn't mean that they are weak.

All right, that's all for now...

offline Rainbow-Dash Senior  
Wednesday 08/02/2012, 16:57

@that list. those cards suck. It's just that veteran players don't encounter them too often so they are at a loss of what to play lol.
I do admit tho, that I love the feeling when you use a non courage card to KO someone. No one really ever expects that smiley

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