Friday 17/02/2012, 10:38

After having eaten up all the candy in Clint City, Dudley Ld had no choice but to look further afield for his supplies. He scoured all the stores in the region but nothing quite matched up to Candy Jack’s sweeties! So, he’s back in town, determined to gorge himself on candy and indeed on anyone who tries to get in his way. Help him in this monstrous mission!
Dudley Ld is a legendary character who is only available by carrying out missions connected with her. To obtain this character, you must unlock her last mission before March 18th.

Monday 20/02/2012, 12:15

Magenta over 300% raised price

Monday 20/02/2012, 12:38

Finally the damage is registering was annoying when I hit for about 20 damage with Magenta and it didn';t register for the mission hard enough mission as it is without the bug smiley anyone else have that problem

Monday 20/02/2012, 15:39

@firestormuk I had a similar problem but it sorted itself out eventually, I havent had any problem since but the next 2 missions are tough so be prepared for a long drawn out process.

I finally managed to complete all 4 missions and got dudley, they were difficult but the effort was worth it and it was a challenge but not impossible.

The only mission that was really difficult was the 3rd one, but the rest were challenging and at a reasonable difficulty level imo.

Monday 20/02/2012, 15:44

Waite intill friday and Magenta's price should drop a lot as shes still in new blood.

Monday 20/02/2012, 18:53

@thewinner u do kno she's gone dwn in price from what she was on friday so i dnt kno y your complaining

Monday 20/02/2012, 19:49

@thawinner012, really? I don't remember Magenta ever hitting 600 clintz

Monday 20/02/2012, 20:51

I just knocked sum one out with Vince and did not get credit for it. What am I doing wrong ?

Tuesday 21/02/2012, 00:16

I think the next one is a La Junta Ld and its called Jared Ld and he is a 4 stars (i think) smiley

Tuesday 21/02/2012, 03:08

@thawinner102 yeah indeed It goes up 300% in this week, the graphic shows that.

Tuesday 21/02/2012, 08:27

Hey guys how come I'm not getting credit when knock people out with Vince, or win rounds with Saugh?


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