offline amangoel Senior ONE WORLD
Saturday 18/02/2012, 12:03

Hey Guys i got some great cards from the pack.Can u tell me what should i change to this my deck is-


offline (HoA)Kratos Novice  
Saturday 18/02/2012, 21:30

Ghumbo for Artus
Oshitsune / Orlok for Spiaghi
Azgroth for Dieter

offline amangoel Senior ONE WORLD
Sunday 19/02/2012, 04:42

Hey Kratos Do u think it is a good idea to change dieter? Since i dont have any SoA

offline AmberRed1994 Veteran  
Sunday 19/02/2012, 07:38

Because this is T2, 6/3 stats aren't really attractive...
If you really love the SoA, the obvious move is upgrade Dieter to Glorg.
Otherwise I agree with Kratos.

offline (HoA)Kratos Novice  
Sunday 19/02/2012, 14:15

I don´t use a SoA
and doing well alway depents on the opposite .... yea otherwise use Glorg

offline Lu Bu Imperator Limit Break
Sunday 19/02/2012, 18:47

Artus to Ghumbo, Spiaghi to Oshitsune, Dieter to Glorg.

offline Ouroboros-WMD Hero Wise Men Distracted
Monday 20/02/2012, 01:47

Artus to ghumbo, spighi to oshitsune deiter to glorg and kenny to magenta, vince, or grakks. Kenny is easily countered. at 9 power they can use soa or dr at 6 power he gets raped.

Kenny is meh ok cool if you can land a fury vs a non soa or dr sweet a 15 life difference. or a 9 life difference with no fury. The only problem is it didnt ko and to land it you will use a lot of pillz. at 14 life 10 pills to land kenny something you are going to need 6-7 pills to beat something that takes 4. leaving you at 23 life and 4 pillz and then you dont ahve much dr left to keep them from coming back. Magenta will only do 7 dmg but if you ko it doesnt matter how many pillz they have left.

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Monday 20/02/2012, 15:57

If possible i would change Dieter to Ghumbo and Spiaghi to Ielena.

offline -- Hades -- Veteran Bedroom Of Darkness
Monday 20/02/2012, 21:32

As if you just suggested him to change to vince LOL! You'd have been fine with just Graks

If you can't afford Graks, use Dwan! She is a brilliant budget loner reducer card!

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