Wednesday 22/02/2012, 06:30

I'm giving away my GraksmxxT to the person who deserves it the most. In the comments below, write an essay on WHY you deserve it. Whoever entertains me the most with their reason will win the card.

***RULES & TIPS***

I want something fun and interesting to read, so use your creativity and sense of humor! Make stuff up like, "I deserve your card because I'm the master of the universe," and EXPLAIN WHY in vivid details.

** It has to be 10 sentences or more.
** If it doesn't fix in a post please PM it to me.
** Second place wins a Tomas
** Third Place wins a Zhu Tang


Wednesday 07/03/2012, 09:55

*gloating in victory*

I deserve the prize because I wrote the best fairtytale. I dont need to state that out loud in the tale itself, just make the tale entertaining to justify the win... smiley

Btw. Toxica has great (and obscure) sense of humor and she is good at taking intellectual and emotional challenges. Unless it was so she would have viewed my story as shallow or manipulative thus offending. I figured that up beforehanded by doing a bit background research about our dear judge, so in one sense I acted as successfull literary hitman.

Ps. Kittens and ponies sends all the best to their grand saviour. They will write poems about Toxica for millenias.

Wednesday 07/03/2012, 10:42

You see toxica , your god was right all along , i would not win your Graks
but i won a Tomas !!!!!!!!!!!

thx , glad u liked

Wednesday 07/03/2012, 13:22

Congrats DeepEnd and good worksmiley

Wednesday 07/03/2012, 22:03

I'm batman.

Thursday 08/03/2012, 06:42

That wasn't my actual submission the one that i submitted was the one about Graksmxxt and the man but toxica did already explain to me why it sucked. Also if i offended you Mr.Intelijent i'm sorry.

Thursday 08/03/2012, 06:47

Also i meant my second post as the second submission. It was on the 45 post sorry for any confusion, well not really confusion.

Thursday 08/03/2012, 07:42

Hahahaha smiley

Thursday 08/03/2012, 17:32

And on that note,i beleive i also want reasoning on where my submissiosn messed upsmiley

Thursday 08/03/2012, 21:31

You didn't slip up at all, Pilluminati. There are billions of people in the world and I'm sure millions of them would pick your story for first place. Everyone just has different tastes. This was not about who has the best quality, it was just about which essay I enjoyed the most.

Chrono, I didn't explain why it sucks, I explained why it wasn't in the running. When you talked so highly of your story I asked you why you thought it was so good. Now you turn around, come in here, and tell everyone I said your story "sucked"? Now even I'm going to agree that you're being an immature drama queen. smiley

Friday 09/03/2012, 00:19

Ok i am sorry that i might have placed a looking glass in front of your eyes to suggest this but i assure i'm not an immature drama queen, i have an intense disdain those kinds of people


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