offline Orpheus Titan §§ Les Gentlemen Ténébreux §§
Friday 02/03/2012, 10:57

After having fought against the Vortex in her hometown of Balgenheim, Naja Ld has come to Clint City to join La Junta. Armed with her field experience, she prepares to lead the expeditions of the city's clans against Dregn and his allies. Help her in her missions against the troops of the future to defend Clint City’s freedom! Naja Ld is a legendary character who is only available by carrying out missions connected with her. To obtain this character, you must unlock her last mission before April 1st.

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Friday 02/03/2012, 17:22

BotShot : All you have to do to unlock the mission is to sell, then buy a card or waite a bit.

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Friday 02/03/2012, 17:23

@Hula_Daisy: You have to do the missions in order. So when you complete the first one, the second one unlocks, then the third and finally the fouth.

offline Piranga Colossus Time Conquers All
Friday 02/03/2012, 17:53

@Botshot, I agree, it is absolutely ridiculous that UR is not fixing a major re-occuring bug.

Not as ridiculous as a Minion4D's post, but none the less, should be fixed by the staff.

offline Minion4D Imperator The Fourth Dimension
Friday 02/03/2012, 18:28

@piranga I didnt say that I disagree with the fact that there is a problem with ld missions, there is and it does need to be fixed so players can enjoy doing them.
Infact the only reason I wrote what I did is because every time the UR staff do something to make the game fun and keep people interested, they get people like you 2 whining about how rubbish it is or how shoddy a job they did, when they probably have been working on a fix (which should be obvious) to a random problem that doesnt affect everyone. My point is you will all still play anyway so what harm is it doing? Your probably both really good players s
o why waste time by writing complaints?

offline HotShot888 Guru  
Friday 02/03/2012, 20:15

Lol Minion, I never even had the bug. Never. But others do. And it is indeed ridiculous how it's still there after few months.

Writing complaints is not wasting time, it has a purpose. If it's wasting time then making any other posts would be a waste of time as well.

offline chaimarians Imperator The Infinite Shoeblack
Friday 02/03/2012, 20:38

Even though these missions are pretty easy I like them. They remind me of a new recruit going through basic training to get into the military. Goes very well with the card description.

Card isn't that great so the missions probably will never be that hard.

offline UM-Eppic Imperator URBAN MADNESS
Friday 02/03/2012, 21:09

They should have her dad Amadeus as a vortex card being a prisoner in like a robot suit

offline EZwinningS2N Imperator Second 2 None
Friday 02/03/2012, 21:32

Just a suggestion for the missions and their difficulty since they come out more then once they should rotate the difficulty of the missions ex: 1st go around they can be somewhat harder maybe 5 missions to get the ld n have a few of those missions be character missions & the 2nd time around they could be easy like they are now n then they could just rotate cuz to me i think the 1st time around should be where u truly have to earn it but thats just me

offline gurosaki Legend  
Friday 02/03/2012, 21:41

All you need to do is 2 things
1: sell the most expensive la junta card
2: cancel the selling of that expensive la junta card
and it should have done the trick to unlock the first mission
it worked for mesmileysmileysmiley

offline Minion4D Imperator The Fourth Dimension
Friday 02/03/2012, 22:30

@Botshot fair point mate and I apologise for any offense I may have caused.

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