We’re offering you a whole new range of missions to uncover in the game. There’s at least one per clan and slightly more for the Berzerk crew, as well as a few secret ones for certain clans... So get ready for many fun-filled hours ahead!

offline quexalblaze Hero the night stalkers
Monday 05/03/2012, 11:49

Well zen

offline (BB) Shardy Guru  
Monday 05/03/2012, 11:51

Win 150 rounds with a double-defeat card. Cool.

offline Wicked Witch Colossus Wise Men Distracted
Monday 05/03/2012, 11:52


offline MapleXX Veteran  
Monday 05/03/2012, 11:54

What are their rewards? smileysmileysmiley

offline Wackojacko0 Imperator Anime lovers 101
Monday 05/03/2012, 11:55

Me like this very much smiley since i got bezerks too smiley

offline Awesoe Colossus aussie crusaders
Monday 05/03/2012, 12:01

Kool 3 new ones for bezerk and pretty much 1 new mission in each clan

offline 13lakPedobear Guru  
Monday 05/03/2012, 12:01

Great smiley

offline Aldvial Hero BrainZtorm
Monday 05/03/2012, 12:29

.__. But if they're secret how am I going to know what to do? smiley

offline P-R-A-W-N Veteran Harbingers of Ares
Monday 05/03/2012, 12:49

Yes...missions were down nice to see there are actually some new stuff apart from characters thanks for making my 5th year in the game a good one

offline LazarUltraCr1 Veteran KosAzar
Monday 05/03/2012, 12:52

Yes if they're secret how am I going to know what i mustsmileysmileysmileysmiley to do

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