We’re offering you a whole new range of missions to uncover in the game. There’s at least one per clan and slightly more for the Berzerk crew, as well as a few secret ones for certain clans... So get ready for many fun-filled hours ahead!

offline UM_Screx Imperator  
Friday 30/03/2012, 04:46

@UM_AaaBattery, are you sure thats a good comparison? Our most recent clan, the Berzerk came out a year ago. True it would make sense on why they'd do that, however, i get the point. This doesn't happen in regular incriments of time.

Nonetheless, UR should do this more often. It provides players something to do, and make challenges with decjs to model after it. Seeing as how this shouldn't be very hard to do, I'm sure that UR could make the players very happy by doing this more often(although we'd probably need more card production then -_-).

offline 0 Pride Imperator URBAN MADNESS
Friday 30/03/2012, 09:23

Not all players do missions
so if they'll make missions often, it turns out to be a headache on them.

available UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Friday 30/03/2012, 09:59

@tititoro: Sometime after a new clan release means any ammount of time after a new clan, not counting solo missions, its been missions - vortex - new missions - berzerk - new missions - ????? - new missions.

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