offline Boing Legend  
Wednesday 04/04/2012, 16:49

Today sees the launch of the Standard Format. This new format revolves around a list of characters that are updated every 6 months and only includes characters that were released less than 3 years before the current update (including Ld characters). Only these characters, Leader cards and characters from starter packs will be used in the Standard Format. To enable you to clearly distinguish between characters authorized in Standard Format and those which are not, we've added a special background to each character illustration, which you may have already noticed.
To find out more about the Standard Format, click here. 
Happy gaming to you all!

offline Zoidberg1 Legend the courtyard of shadows
Thursday 05/04/2012, 18:32

How strange,

While it was just one or two of us saying how bad this was we were being told how wrong we were and we didn't know what we were talking about. Now everyone else has realised or bothered to say the same the Admins have decided to disappear from this thread

offline Kwstas_537 Veteran Light's Hope fighters
Thursday 05/04/2012, 19:04

Y U No have tournament in ELO mode?

Ok guys, seriously,the game changed for worse...

Urban Rivals was the best card game ever made for me.Even better than the "magic the gathering" brand and that's because it had the most fair gameplay. Usually in other card games,the one that wins is the one that pays more.but that results in those games having only 10 players max in a room, at a time. In Urban Rivals, even if your opponent has a crappy deck, and yours is awesome, he can still beat you,coz he might be smarter than you.

But now,many cards were made obsolete and useless.Also, there are no daily tournament points gathered in ELo mode.
Last but not least,the time count has been significantly reduced,which might cause problems to people with slow internet connections and people who have trouble caculating about attack and damage results.
Too much change at a short time,always fails.
Of course i will keep playing,just not so much any more....

offline Rainbow-Dash Senior  
Thursday 05/04/2012, 20:50

FoeHammer_BZ - Imperator - BrainZtorm
Today at 08:03
Thank god they shortened the round times. I was loosing patients with this game and people who wait to the last second to play their card.

Reduced timers didn't stop that. Ppl are still clockblocking for players, only having to go through 1 fight of stalling is half as annoying now.
Still it means you'll get into more fights with stallers, which really doesn't solve anything. But hey, at least some of those dbags are now losing by timeout smiley

offline UM_Screx Imperator  
Thursday 05/04/2012, 21:06

@Zoidberg1, i think most people thought theyed add more modes rather than replace t1 and t2

offline 0 Rowan LoA Titan  
Thursday 05/04/2012, 21:21

Please add a Standard 25* room UR staff. Bonus points if it follows ELO rules. I'm so sick of the 40 card decks vs 25 card decks in the current standard room.

offline bountyhead Hero  
Thursday 05/04/2012, 21:37

Standard doesn't offer much other than a format in-which newer clans dominate. All of the new clans' characters will be playable while older staples are gone. Unless UR actually tries to make better cards consistently, I don't see the point.
The potential pool for cards is only something like 310 including leaders and lds. That's only about 15 characters from each clan, assuming that all clan distribution is even in a given year(which it never is). So, assuming the character * count distribution is even within clans, we're talking about exactly 4 5*s in each clan to play in the "40* maximum" format. Ridiculous. Bad idea all-around. Basic math alone makes the format look bad.

offline Creeksider Titan TetraMaster Guild
Thursday 05/04/2012, 22:29

This is a massive fail - if the rules are going to change, what is needed is for the rules to be clear - look at the FAQ and you find stuff like this will be updated on XX/XX/XX. Following cards can permanently be used ..... (LIST) without bothering to list them. Even the msg above has click here with a broken link. What is &nbsp?

Also says extended decks have a limit of 40 - just been playing with this - there is no limit I can find, currently playing with a 53* deck just to see that i can. What else isn't working and what other exploits will players surely soon find?

Oh well, I guess the developers will be in their office working hard to fix all these problems over the long holiday weekend!

offline Zoidberg1 Legend the courtyard of shadows
Friday 06/04/2012, 00:57


They had always stated that was their intention

offline Babs Hartley Colossus TRiNiTY
Friday 06/04/2012, 01:37

Give us T1 and T2 back. plz.
Give us our tourney creds and clintz back for ELO.

You want to keep Standard and Extended modes, UR? Fine, keep them. But please don't take away the stuff we love so much.
I'm having a hard time enjoying the game now.smiley
I've been a loyal UR player for over 4 years and I was perfectly happy with the tried and true formats, even with some of the weird changes. But to burn it all down like this... it's not looking good, so far.

Good luck with the changes. Dunno if a lot of us will stay around long enough to see how it goes, unless they come fast and furiously in a good way. Is UR trying to get rid of the old players or what? smiley

offline Audax Guru The Short Bus Guild
Friday 06/04/2012, 05:19

I first started playing Urban Rivals about five years ago and I've seen it grow and change a lot since then. Most of the changes have been good because none of them really altered the core of the game--they just added new options.

But this? Getting rid of T1 and T2? This is too big a change. And it seems to have been poorly implemented and poorly thought out.

My experience with the new Extended rooms has not been good. Playing with some of my beloved 25* decks is an invitation to be stepped on by people fielding 18*. Let's call this a failed experiment, UR and give us back the game that we have loved for so long. But if you really want, keep around the Extended rooms and see how many of us use them. If they really are better, we'll play that way, but I wouldn't bet on it myself.

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