offline Boing Legend  
Wednesday 04/04/2012, 16:49

Today sees the launch of the Standard Format. This new format revolves around a list of characters that are updated every 6 months and only includes characters that were released less than 3 years before the current update (including Ld characters). Only these characters, Leader cards and characters from starter packs will be used in the Standard Format. To enable you to clearly distinguish between characters authorized in Standard Format and those which are not, we've added a special background to each character illustration, which you may have already noticed.
To find out more about the Standard Format, click here. 
Happy gaming to you all!

offline AznRepublic Guru  
Tuesday 15/01/2013, 03:58

Deathmatch is for those who want to level up quickly, end of story. It isn't very exciting to win almost every single game and always getting the same results, I would know.

offline Kate Urban Rivals Staff  
Tuesday 15/01/2013, 05:43

AR It's exciting for me smileysmiley lol

offline hashburki Guru REIGN OF THE SUPREMES
Tuesday 15/01/2013, 15:29

Thanks for clearing that out. smiley

offline wise owl Hero  
Monday 11/02/2013, 02:25

This standard form is a disaster. It really ruined DT. I think UR should take into consideration the disatisfaction and do something about it. Sad to say but if type 1 or extended 25 isnt put in I will probably be done with UR. smiley

offline 0 Nomi Titan  
Tuesday 12/02/2013, 23:42

Standard = twice the (tiny) chance to get a CR in DT = Good. No one forces you to play standard. I do agree a T1 room should be made for DT, though.

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