offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Thursday 05/04/2012, 16:49

Hello all,

After the (chaotic) release of the Standard mode and the first feedbacks, we have taken decisions on several things we want to let your know. We think you will be satisfied with the future improvements we will add first.

• Improvement of the quickbattle system in DTs.

We already made corrections, it seems that the small decks vs big decks problem is far less met. We will keep on working on it until the partition T1/T2 is not a problem any more.

• Penalties on some characters in DTs.

The first 2 points penalties per character are already operational and you can find the list here:
Except for Leader, for the moment there are no penalized Standard characters. It may change, we give ourselves time to analyse DTs.

• DTs divided in two.

Finally we won’t alternate DT’s. We will let you have two DTs at the same time, 1 Standard, 1 Extended. With two different rankings.

• Length of a DT shorten but increase of its frequency.

DTs length will decrease from 1 hour to 45 minutes with a 15 minutes break between each tournament and then you can play again. It means there will be 24 Standard DTs and 24 Extended DTs per day.
To prevent abuses, a limitation of 8 DT credits per day and player will be added (you will receive all other rewards if you play more than 8 DTs).

Survivor Standard and Deathmatch Standard rooms.

They will be open soon, we are working on an update of the flash game.

Questions you may want to ask:

• The number of CR remain at 5. It might change in the future.
• A PM will be sent to you each evening if you made a top 150 during the day so as to inform you if you have won a collector (or not).
• The timer will be reduced from 60 to 50 seconds again.

Have fun

offline 0 Pride Imperator URBAN MADNESS
Saturday 07/04/2012, 23:59

How about the DT history with the players winning CR's?

offline Haruka-WMd Titan Wise Men Distracted
Sunday 08/04/2012, 02:35

Go to page 10 (or whatever hours away was yesterday for your timezone), and you will see yesterday's CR winners.

A summary of CR winners over the week like the old lottery page is a good idea.

offline wasteroftime Titan Open Casket
Sunday 08/04/2012, 07:34

Can we please be given a real reason to play Standard....

with 2 DTs going on, Standard simply cannot compete with extended. Extended decks will always be a more efficient point gaining deck than Standard

I know the staff hesitated to force a format on the community... but i have to say the current set up makes the standard unattractive. We need to be "forced" to play this new format or it will simply not survive beyond the first few weeks of curiousity. i.e. look at the DM numbers.... when they started rooms were constantly full. eventually you had rooms of 2-5 players being the norm

Force us by 1) giving attractive rewards 2) not offering an alternative format that leads to the same reward
i.e. maybe the Cr giveaway will only be to DTs that use the standard format

might seem harsh... but forcing us to play the new format is the way forward in my opinion. As long as alternative formats exist for those who do not want to play standard

ELO is forced on us... some play it, some don't and go to other formats... please do the same for standard. This at least makes it closer to the original plan of making standard the ELO format. In the long term interest of this game... it has to go that direction anyway eventually... might as well take that small step now


offline Zoidberg1 Legend the courtyard of shadows
Sunday 08/04/2012, 12:30

If its not popular why force people to play it surely you learn from your mistakes and put in something that is wanted.

offline Memento Mori Titan Open Casket
Sunday 08/04/2012, 14:17

For the new formats to be successful they must mean two different games (at least in their essence). I insist on comparing it to Magic: The Gathering.

Extended and Standard are two different games, the playable cards are so different that the metagame makes the players think in different ways both while playing and when preparing their decks.

Again, both tournaments have difference aspects that make them unique. As wasteroftime said, that would mean different tournament times (so the player doesn't have to choose between modes) and different rules and rewards.

Just look how many tournament formats exist in MTG, all of them successful. UR doesn't have as many players, but should have no problems to keep up two formats.

offline ElitePow Imperator New VisioN
Sunday 08/04/2012, 14:57

Do they have any plans to increase winnings for the ELO mode? With the loss of extra clintz + credits from DT participation, with a standard 50/50 winnings deck one would need to play about 50 games to get the usual 1200 ELO prize, so you'd get 5 credits + 600-800 clintz, not counting fight winnings.
Same amount of games played "to reach top 1/3" in DT would bring you 7 or 8 credits plus ~400 clintz.

offline Ecna Senior  
Sunday 08/04/2012, 17:16

Forcing new format leads to resistance and annoyance among players. It's never a good way to go.

However I agree that Standard needs something that will motivate people to play in it. That's why I still think, that switching between Standard and Extended DT every other hour (or 2 hours, depending on which solution will be ultimatly chosen) is the best way to go. It allows players who don't like Standard to still play as before, newbies to only play Standard, while active players have the motivation to switch between formats and play both.

offline wasteroftime Titan Open Casket
Sunday 08/04/2012, 21:43

Ummm... all formats are forced. you choose to play it or you choose not to. as long as there are alternative format it is not a problem

standard needs to be "forced"

having alternating DT is one way to do it. or making DTs purely Standard.... one DT would be 40 star limit and the other 25 star limit is another option (that lots of people wont be welcome to). Either way, Standard actually becomes a format that makes sense to play.

offline Myeltd Titan Limit Break
Sunday 08/04/2012, 22:33

I could not disagree with you more on that timewaster. Forcing people to play a free game will generally see more people either rage-quit, or just not play when the tournament they hate is going on. Also, standard isn't really the "best" format, as it excludes plenty of cards which without them would make all the clans unbalanced. It'd be like calling a pizza store the "best" even though it excludes all forms of meat-based toppings.

offline wasteroftime Titan Open Casket
Monday 09/04/2012, 00:13

Please do explain to me how the existing format are not already forced on us

all formats have been forced on us.... we dont like the particular format, we dont play it.

standard needs to be used in a format in the EXACT same way that other formats are being used... here is a format UR community... u like it??? play it!! you dont like it.... then play a different format. This is the EXACT situation with all the other formats now and all the other formats that existed before. What Ur needs to do is simply "force" us to play standard and dangle some nice rewards in front of us to motivate us to play

lots of people dont play elo, lots dont T1, lots dont DM, lots dont survivor, lots dont T2..... no big deal if lots dont Standard -- but the game needs to give us a reason to actually play Standard. At the moment, there isnt much reason except curiosity.

i think some of you are exaggerating your perception of "choice".

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