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Monday 16/04/2012, 18:41

"Hiatu vitae," Latin. Meaning: "Chasm of Vitality" or "Life Gap". That's what this event is about--causing the greatest life gap between you and your opponent. Winning is important, of course, but that is only the first step; after you know you've won, lay on the hurt! The victors of this event will be those who can land blow after relentless blow on their opponents, causing such an unfathomable gulf in life points that their opponents cannot recover even if they *do* win many times after that! Look for the event here, Hiatu Vitae ~ HA02 .

If that doesn't work, here is the direct link:

This is an event of the Haughty Altruism (HA) Event series. If you wish to follow the event series and receive the latest news on my event as well as others that are well made and respectably managed, join my free newsfeed:
HA Newsfeed.

And thank you, moderators. smiley

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Tuesday 17/04/2012, 22:04

Current prizes are up to over 40k in clintz, including donations, stage prizes, and the jackpot!

Get your spot, because the rewards are so much higher than the cost of entry!

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Wednesday 18/04/2012, 21:39

This event is up to 16 members.smiley

I'm going to begin the event on Wednesday if I get at least 20 members by then. Get your seat quickly, so that I can get this started!

Also, I am going to make sure that this event's Stage deadlines work well with CC Spring's Milestone deadlines. That way players can get their matches in both events without too much trouble. Remember, activity is as important as being good. In this event, if a player simply finishes as many matches as possible, that player has a good chance of advancing to the next stage. It's really quite easy to move on into the finals, and get a decent payout. Not to mention, I like handing out the wealth all around anyway. smiley

offline ELMThawinner Hero  
Friday 20/04/2012, 11:52

Can you please delete me from this event?
i accidentally pushed the green button.i voted positively for you but i need every last clint these days

thank you

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