offline Boing Legend  
Friday 20/04/2012, 11:06

The first signs of spring can be felt in Clint City. So, if you fancy going to the beach, go to the one Douglas watches over and ask Michael to help you work on your tan using his solar powers. But be sure not to take a red towel as you just might provoke Benicio the bull. And for your own good health, we strongly advise you to steer clear of Bernie’s Xantiax-flavored rat kebabs...
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offline Soundtrack-HW Imperator humanoid weapons
Tuesday 24/04/2012, 14:05

@ Tititoro
I see smiley
@ Tanto
I guess there would be more multi-accounters if they kept the credits for videos and increased either the frequency or amount of credits 'won'.

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Tuesday 24/04/2012, 14:53

I can't even be bothered to open them in a different window lol.

offline UM_Screx Imperator  
Tuesday 24/04/2012, 15:19

@tanto89, on the app you could install apps for credits. Off of the free ones alone i think i racked over 500 creds. In the process i got quite a bit of my collection

offline jakdynamite Senior  
Tuesday 24/04/2012, 23:52

Those urban rival cards would be very cool to have! But just imagine having all of the urban rivals characters,I also mean the legenderies to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

offline wats_happenin Colossus Casual Grind
Wednesday 25/04/2012, 13:36

Im not saying I hate Roots or anything, but personally I'm glad they aren't getting any attention
I mean in previous years everyone hated the Roots because of their ELO domination, if you weren't rolling Hugo/Roots in ELO there had to be something wrong with you

And then the staff helped us introducing Stopsmileyxx and banning Shakra/Ratanah and leaders but Roots were still around...even now i see their ugly faces every single week in ELO in the top tiers (1300+)

So I ask the UR you want Roots to overpower Standard mode as well...personally Im tired of seeing them in general and am glad there's a mode where they actually suck

(Btw this goes for Gheist as well...generally SOA clans smiley)

offline Fercho640 Titan  
Wednesday 25/04/2012, 21:53

Well, i think skeelz and " stop: " abilities were made for a reason, set Karen (All Stars), flinch (Sentinel), Ashiko (Jungo) vs a soa clan and adding their bonuses are enough to help you win a battle, Roots/GHEIST users risk using soa since there are pretty decent "stop: " abilities that can turn the match very difficult for soa clan users, as well skeelz can put a good battle vs these clans, so not because someone can't handle a soa clan they must disappear from the game, if they are a problem get yourself some "stop: " or play skeelz, but ofc is easier say they overpowered, then after all GHEIST/Roots go in extinction,next will be to say attack/power manipulators clans shouldnt get any releases either because they are op too smileysmiley

offline Farxiga Colossus TRiNiTY
Thursday 26/04/2012, 00:52

I think what ur is trying to do with this whole video is to give people money so there isn't a market crash. ur taff we need like 110 or 120 clintz per video this would make it fun.

offline H0m3Boi Guru Code of Chivalry
Thursday 26/04/2012, 04:24

&tititoro where do you install apps for free credits?

offline UM_Screx Imperator  
Thursday 26/04/2012, 05:08

@hobbyham, i think it would be cool if UR was sponsored to show these commercials and other advertisements for about a credit per minute of the videos(rounding up)

offline Soundtrack-HW Imperator humanoid weapons
Thursday 26/04/2012, 10:47

@ H0m3Boi
On the old version of the Urban Rivals App there was a way to get free credits. It involved downloading an app and you recieved free credits after playing it. (some were free apps, some you had to pay for)

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