offline Boing Legend  
Tuesday 01/05/2012, 11:04

An icy wind, which can freeze the most stouthearted citizen, is blowing on Clint City. Their courage and valiance will be put to severe test this week. Be ready to fight!

offline Pennsylvania Guru  
Friday 04/05/2012, 22:19

Congrats everyone for reaching 50 million damage.

offline -Rapture- Guru  
Friday 04/05/2012, 22:20

Seems like we'll get Tiwi Ld tomorrow. I hope it's for free or with very global missions that don't require Frozn.


Tiwi is an LD???

offline Dark Qq Imperator Legendary Demons
Friday 04/05/2012, 22:24

PANIC just to buy Frozn card to reach the LD!!! smileysmiley

offline Freeeky Guru  
Friday 04/05/2012, 22:30

50mln and? - where is Tiwi ld ?

offline DavidMafia Senior  
Friday 04/05/2012, 22:36

-The Starks

offline Bocah Emas Novice =S.C.O.U.R.G.E=
Friday 04/05/2012, 23:00

It's over 50 million now,.. soo What's Happen ???

offline benusko Colossus THE_POWER
Friday 04/05/2012, 23:27

smileysmileysmiley such depressive surprise

cant get such many clintz in time and fill missionssmiley

offline grogall Imperator  
Friday 04/05/2012, 23:44

You guys do realize the meter is still counting damage and the image goes to around 60-70 mil damage right? there's just no markings.. So lets keep doing some damage!!!

offline lightball20 Imperator  
Saturday 05/05/2012, 00:15

Yes the ld is out and its all global missions,
inflict 100 damage
win 10 fights through knockouts
win 70 life
win 50 fights

till june 10th
and it really is a legendary card
3* 6/3 defeat +3 life

offline UM_Screx Imperator  
Saturday 05/05/2012, 00:39

Tiwi ld 3* , 6/3 defeat plus 3 life. This is teally the only ld i plan on using since the possible valentina Ld. With 6/3, his bonus is 8/5. Thats great for a 3*. his ability is like lola tieing the highest defeat life. This provides much more stability to this new clans bonus

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