offline wats_happenin Colossus Casual Grind
Tuesday 15/05/2012, 13:34

Hey guys this is a real simple event...GUES MY MIDDLE NAME

Seriously that's it, Just guess it...Go ahead i dare you!!!

First person to get it right wins a Heegrn Cr.....thats 12k profit for guessing.......

Ps: I have 2 middle have to guess both smiley

offline FoFPrinnyDood Titan Friends Of Fate
Friday 25/05/2012, 11:32

Scott Towel

offline -Vehement- Guru Face Everything And Rejoice
Friday 25/05/2012, 11:40

Philip Oflgn

offline -retin Hero  
Friday 25/05/2012, 16:39

Cyb Lhia

offline subclavianHoA Imperator Harbingers of Ares
Friday 25/05/2012, 16:41

Fran Stalinovskovichdavidovitchsky?

offline yayu-_-eetr Titan ★ The TrapStars ★
Sunday 27/05/2012, 10:57

Wat's Cr

offline 0 burton Guru  
Sunday 27/05/2012, 13:27

Kevin zack

offline Eric WMD Novice Wise Men Distracted
Sunday 27/05/2012, 18:33

No hint? no clue?

offline LunarLion Imperator Sword Hunter
Sunday 27/05/2012, 19:13

Old McDonald?

offline hoa_ahmed Veteran  
Sunday 27/05/2012, 23:42

Wat is the event called

offline Alhalish Veteran URBAN MADNESS
Monday 28/05/2012, 09:45

Cansdell Sherriff

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Clint City, night.