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Monday 21/05/2012, 14:44

► Welcome to the an another great event organisate by Hucca !! ◄

► This event consist to elect the best guild ever !! ◄

► This event will be play in a tournament system with a maximum of 32 guild. Every guild master must chose 5 player to represent his team. Every guild player must play with the 5 players of the rival guild in 1 match. The team who has the minimum point will be disqualified. ◄

► All event match will be played in ELO format deck ◄

► This events havn't entrance fees, the best guild will won 1.000.000 clintz ( 200.000 clintz / player ) !! ◄

► If the event will be a succes, it will repeat every 3 months !! ◄

AND the link : Great Hucca's Event : The Master Guild

Every guild master must send me a PM with the 5 name of his guild

offline 3L Leviatonn Novice iLLégaL
Saturday 26/05/2012, 11:30

Hello All,

It's me again =p

I have news for you !!

The event has actually 2730 points, if before Monday the event obtain more than 3.500 points, every day during the event I will organize little games ( Quizz ) in the event's forum ( Cesky section ) with many lots.

The little games will be accessible for ALL players, even, if player isn't in the tournament.

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