Need advice

Monday 04/06/2012, 21:27

What clan goes best with Frozn?

Monday 18/06/2012, 14:07

I think that is the major flaw about the Frozn, they'r predictable, but its up to the player to dont be predictable but i still think the pcats work better than the Vortex, becuz they lack of dmg,

Tuesday 19/06/2012, 23:04

Frozn-Uppers is a solid combination, because of Uppers' pill forcing and good damage. I've also had some good results with Frozn-FPC, especially with Futoshi Ld and Annuqua rocking copy bonus-- lots of KO chances there.

Thursday 21/06/2012, 13:36

There is no need to play Frozn with a clan that is made to lose rounds, this will create a dependance of the Frozn bonus in your deck. Rather, play Frozn with a clan that gives an advantage in winning the round, such as All Stars, or a clan that does not rely on their bonus, but use their abilities to win (Berzerk - Spyke), and your deck will be much more versatile, giving you opportunities to either win or lose with the other half of your deck.


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