offline KevinCastle15 Imperator  
Friday 29/09/2006, 04:02

Ratanah buy or trade

offline Natedogg51 Novice  
Friday 29/09/2006, 04:59

Give it to kw stephy if no one buys k

offline KevinCastle15 Imperator  
Saturday 30/09/2006, 15:56


offline HotDoggingNep Guru  
Saturday 30/09/2006, 21:47

Ill give you 100 for it.....smiley

offline Pekman Hero Da pillz dealz
Sunday 01/10/2006, 20:10

120 here

offline KevinCastle15 Imperator  
Sunday 01/10/2006, 21:18

Sorry its sold and even if i still had it i wouldnt have sold it to anyone of you come on 100!!! thats way too low.

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