offline Boing Legend  
Thursday 28/06/2012, 16:13

A new updated version of calculating Battle Points is now available. We have also modified the matchmaking (QuickBattle) system to provide you with a more enjoyable gaming experience and more evenly balanced contests. All the information concerning these changes can be found in our FAQs.

offline Kin6 SiZe Titan Harbingers of Ares starstarstar
Saturday 07/07/2012, 22:20

Me too, its very annoying to face 30 star deck with my 22.. and not only once ..

offline ElitePow Imperator New VisioN
Monday 09/07/2012, 14:34

WTF is going on? Quickbattle fails to find opponents in the DT like 7 minutes already...

offline H-MP Veteran Merchants
Tuesday 10/07/2012, 13:03

Hey I agree with ElitePow. Same thing happened to me. I thought it was virus or anything that was making my computer slow until I saw his comment.smiley

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator Harbingers of Ares starstarstarstar
Tuesday 10/07/2012, 13:27

It sometimes happens if there is no one with a deck with the sameish ammount of * as yours.

offline H-MP Veteran Merchants
Tuesday 10/07/2012, 14:01

What do you mean the same? the same stars?

offline Wolfwitness Hero  
Tuesday 10/07/2012, 14:56

Basically, the match finder can't find a deck that has the same amount or close to the amount of stars to your deck. Example if you're running a 16* star deck. Out of say 2000 or such people playing online only less than 200 have 22* and below decks. What happen is either you end up getting matched by a 23*+ deck or the match finder shows the error message.

offline Pillz-A-Lot Imperator  
Tuesday 10/07/2012, 18:25

Seriously... fix the tiers or get rid of them. It's a little discouraging running a 23* deck only to face a 5 5 5 3 hand. To cap it all off you fight the same guy two times in a row!

If you don't know how to fix it, then get rid of it!!

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator Harbingers of Ares starstarstarstar
Thursday 12/07/2012, 12:08

@H-MP: Same Level.

Level 1: 0 to 23 stars
Level 2: 24 to 31 stars
Level 3: 32* stars+

offline alegriaclan Hero  
Sunday 15/07/2012, 15:02

I always run my deck with Level 2 ( 24 - 31* Stars ) but still half of my game time i get "No opponent... for quick battle"...

offline BZwade15 Veteran  
Monday 16/07/2012, 00:25

Pls bring back t1 you can keep all the other gamemodes its not hurting anyone bit taking gamemodes is crazy that was my fav gamemode and i played it 90% of the time i want it back

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