offline animorpherv1 Senior GODS RIGHT HAND
Monday 10/12/2007, 22:33

I wanted to make a tournament open to everyone, So I did, this is the sign ups, the will be elimination rounds (once we get 10 people, we will begin). The rules are like the normal tournaments, you can only use 4 cards from your deck (so you might want to choose your 4 best ones), you have 12 pillz and I'm joining. this is how you join:

1. You put your name down
2. You list your 1st card and power/ fury/ type (If someone gets any card power wrong, just post it, and I'll tell them that)
3. list your 2rd card, and do the same as the 1st time
4. 3rd card
5. 4th card

I'm hoping that this gets this filled soon!

offline Buld Hero !!!The Guild of Winners!!!
Tuesday 05/02/2008, 11:55

I changed my deck again. Now is:
Loma Noju

offline wingfighter9 Imperator  
Tuesday 05/02/2008, 19:12

HOw do I use only 4 cards, i join

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