offline The-Girl-eVo Senior  
Tuesday 11/12/2007, 13:47


I think i will made a tournament.
So, will be three groups (A B C) every group 6 Players. It will be played in Danger Zone in OLD mode. Winner will be with higher BP's smiley

offline whiseyjackLoA Hero  
Wednesday 12/12/2007, 00:50

I'll join.

offline Treamor LoD Imperator Legends of the Dark
Wednesday 12/12/2007, 03:34

I wanna join !

offline Anger_HM Hero Hueco Mundo
Wednesday 12/12/2007, 07:35

Well i want to join...smiley

offline Obey Giant Imperator  
Wednesday 12/12/2007, 08:12

Im in if thats ok

offline The-Girl-eVo Senior  
Wednesday 12/12/2007, 12:51

18 people can join smiley so join smiley

offline ravvel Hero  
Wednesday 12/12/2007, 12:59

Sounds good, I'm in and i'll add a kerozinn cr for the 1st place and maybe more if the tournament works and the players show interest.

Good luck

offline 0MystiQ QJON Titan El ojo de Michael
Wednesday 12/12/2007, 13:14

Count me in

offline CooKIESnCreaM Imperator  
Wednesday 12/12/2007, 14:32

Me tooo smiley

offline 23_cent Novice  
Wednesday 12/12/2007, 15:12

I want join but i dont never play a a tornament that organized for a player
pm me and tell me how smiley

offline R3load3dW1n Colossus Game Over
Wednesday 12/12/2007, 18:11

smileyI need more levels

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