offline The-Girl-eVo Senior  
Tuesday 11/12/2007, 13:47


I think i will made a tournament.
So, will be three groups (A B C) every group 6 Players. It will be played in Danger Zone in OLD mode. Winner will be with higher BP's smiley

offline nickname1 Veteran  
Wednesday 12/12/2007, 19:58

I'm in pm me.

offline Violet Skies Guru White Butterfly
Wednesday 12/12/2007, 20:02

Ill join if i can, any entry fees?

offline cannonballrun Veteran  
Wednesday 12/12/2007, 20:02


offline Akire_ Novice  
Wednesday 12/12/2007, 21:27

I'll join

offline The-Girl-eVo Senior  
Thursday 13/12/2007, 05:06

One more person and it's starting

offline ravvel Hero  
Thursday 13/12/2007, 08:36

It would be a good idea to post if you allow doubles or not, from my personal experience an OLD tournament with doubles leads to 1 or 2 decks. So my recomandation would be for doubles to not be allowed.

offline Fou Nadir Guru  
Thursday 13/12/2007, 11:25

I'll Join too

I like OLD smiley

offline FLASH34CK Hero  
Thursday 13/12/2007, 14:44

I will join too, if there is still needed one person smiley

offline chainz-old Veteran  
Thursday 13/12/2007, 17:01

Can i join

offline GA Trooper Imperator  
Thursday 13/12/2007, 17:35

I will join

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