offline Boing Legend  
Friday 13/07/2012, 11:08

From the depths of the sewers, Mok can hear an almighty din from up above.  It’s Fizzle who, with her electromagnetic pulse glove, has animated all the acoustic appliances she can lay her hands on, plunging the city into a torrent of supersonic sound waves. The atmosphere is so charged that Beeboy just can’t stop himself from boogying on down, amazing the crowds with his Clashes, Flashkicks and Handspins, and challenging Shifou to a Breakdancing showdown. Will the old master take up the challenge or will he just give him an almighty headkicking?
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offline yaoihuntresse Colossus Wise Men Distracted
Saturday 14/07/2012, 02:25

Thoazol: But what are their names?

offline -R-E-D- Master Zero's Knights
Saturday 14/07/2012, 06:37

I, don't like any of the new cards.

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Saturday 14/07/2012, 13:40

@yaoihuntresse: Unless Urban Rivals adds then to the cards they will be unknown.

offline Soundtrack-HW Imperator humanoid weapons
Saturday 14/07/2012, 14:56

They probably just don't have an urban rivals account to link the art to yet

offline Tanto89 Titan X. LycurguS .X
Saturday 14/07/2012, 19:53

hmm.. could be, but still, remember scott ld? no one gonna use it
I played T2 from time to time, and I would laughed at people who use him
I don't think +1 power and more damage reduction ability will gonna make fizzleas staple (she could be useful but def not a staple, there are qubik,

yeah, maybe she is meant to be in standard where junkz has no DR at all

my main problem with this card is that it posses no threat at all
a level 4 card suppose to be very strong and should be a game changer
for me, 5 life gap the minimum stats for a level 4 (yeah, I don't like scott ld, sting, zack, and mantiz)

sure, 4 damage is a big advantage? I don't know, for me 4 damage is low enough for a 4 stars don't forget DR will make her really suffer
if I throw away my useless card, for example samantha, sure that's 4 damage in
but my opp throw away a card that supposed to be one of the strongest (level 4) card from their hand
the rest (my opp hand)? usually level 3 and 2
I have my level 4 and 3, against level 3 and 2, good luck

and DR does makes sense, against her, throw away aleister, spiaghi, steve, etc, and this card suffer
my opp doesn't need to use any pillz, sure they will do some damage, but that's only 1 or 2 (and they throw away their 4 stars)

offline UM_Screx Imperator  
Sunday 15/07/2012, 04:21

@Tanto89, true this crd is not particularly a game-changer(I always figured 3*'s like cutey, nyema, and zhu tang were game changers in ELO if you also plan to use a 4* with low damage(i too believe 4 is low damage)), but she does have very unpredictable strategies... For example, do i want to play my DR on what may be a deffensive move, or is he going to go offensive, and thus beat my... Let's say best card is Dregn. Even that card can have a tough time getting past her bonus, level, and power, as he must pill 3 pillz more than you to beat it. If he wins he gets 6 impact, and if he loses, he regains some pillz, and takes 4 damage. Gibson on the other hand has 8 power, and an ability and bonus meant to slaughter(just look at this vs buckler, lea, and just about any other rescues ELO card. He slaughters(though this tactic is replaced with the much less costly flanagan(or better yet Lehane)).

I remember back when I got scott ld. I was a noob to show him off XD. but that was then, and this is now. Scott LD is worse than fizzle if you ask me. Fizzle is a bit more unpredictable. I enjoy her ability more too. Given futoshi, people may run FPC more, and Frozn is new, So Kalindra and sah brinak are very likely to be seen. Flanagan, gibson, fizzle, and veenyle cr could slaughter(though they don't have a whole lot of impact).

If you ask me, I enjoy rowdy more(but i'm pretty sure he's banned), qubik is debatebly better(SOA ftw!), but I might swap out Eebiza for her or gibson abilitywis

offline princekhlil12 Titan Past Present and Future
Sunday 15/07/2012, 04:26

Gheist got another 6 powered card
nice ability at least

offline wats_happenin Colossus Casual Grind
Sunday 15/07/2012, 04:58

Mok is a decent card, unfortunately his revenge doesn't synergise well with Wardom but watevs...tbh I'm glad he isn't any stronger. Ghiest are just a painful clan to face and OP them is very, very easy to do!

Fizzle is meh. Honestly people are raving about her but in a few weeks they'll realise pretty much no other 4* DR is used in ELO (apart from maybe Maurice?). Her 4 dmg is just pathetic. Qubik is hands down better and I'd argue Eebiza is better as well

Shifou is very nice indeed! Finally my 3* Fang Pi won't suck vs SOB clans...excellent example of a perfectly balanced, strong card

Beeboy...probs the standout of the release. Easily replaces every other 5* Bangers card (apart from Shann). His only real issue is his star count and the fact that Blaaster Cr/Vermyn N combo is really nice to use. Still he's very good and will probably make it into ELO decks

offline Dragon Kart Master  
Sunday 15/07/2012, 08:47

Stop with the DRs in Junkz! There are not meant to be played defensively, all about the attack! Pressure the opponent, control the pillz, get in damage every round and win with +8 attack. Not a 2HKO, but works. DRs are useless. STOP SENDING THEM, and make better pillz manipulation cards.

available Thoazol Moderator Wise Men Distracted
Sunday 15/07/2012, 15:09

@Dragon Kart
Fizzle was actually the first normal DR release since Lolly. Back in '08. Sounds to me like they did stop for a while, established Junkz as the second Pill manipulator clan, and now are back to more straightforward cards.

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