Friday 13/07/2012, 11:08

From the depths of the sewers, Mok can hear an almighty din from up above.  It’s Fizzle who, with her electromagnetic pulse glove, has animated all the acoustic appliances she can lay her hands on, plunging the city into a torrent of supersonic sound waves. The atmosphere is so charged that Beeboy just can’t stop himself from boogying on down, amazing the crowds with his Clashes, Flashkicks and Handspins, and challenging Shifou to a Breakdancing showdown. Will the old master take up the challenge or will he just give him an almighty headkicking?
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Wednesday 18/07/2012, 09:34

You hate cards with Backlash, yet you want the staffs to make more cards with Backlash.

....It seems that your veins are filled with jetjack and destrucity.

Wednesday 18/07/2012, 10:50

Can you please learn the english language before posting nonsense? Thank you smiley

Wednesday 18/07/2012, 15:16

The game could benefit having more de-buff abilities like Backlash though.

As for the card, I'd really love to get Beeboy (since I have very good experiences with Lorna and Futoshi Ld) and Shifou (a 3* 8/5 SOB? You CAN'T go wrong there!) at least. Now if only damn MOL card supplier can just restock already. *grumble* smiley

Wednesday 18/07/2012, 16:47

The problem with backlash is that its easy to make cards which arn't usable. E.g 7,6 4* backlash -2 life might seem good but most people would rather use a 7,5 or 8,4 e.c.t with a good ability. Even Cortez who is a maximum 8/8 isn't as good as Taylor in my view.

Wednesday 18/07/2012, 17:16

I'm guessing that he's annoyed at the lack of backlash cards rather than the cards themselves.

Wednesday 18/07/2012, 17:19

Bangers need a 7-powered 3*/4*, Beeboy it's another (exceptional) but completely out of the way 5*smiley

Saturday 21/07/2012, 17:33

I so want to get Fizzle best card ever

Thursday 26/07/2012, 11:52

New cards tomorrow. Predictions are Pussycats, Nightmare, and Frozn x2.

Thursday 26/07/2012, 17:12

I predict Pussycats Rescue Berzerk and Frozn


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